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It seems like an “Onion” article every week when we hear about the extreme crime occurring at various Waffle House locations across the country.

However it's not satire, it seemingly is a curse for the consumer market-based eatery that brings violence and robbery and another brutal crime to its front doorsteps.

Let's look back on some of the crimes that have made headlines across the nation at the popular off-the-freeway home of chicken and waffles and let's discuss why the locations attract so much of that crime.

Several locations have experienced dramatic crimes, such as the Lawrence, Indiana, Waffle House robbed four times in three months; a fatal shooting at a Waffle House in New Albany, Indiana; shots fired at a Waffle House near Charlotte; a Waffle House robbery in Camden, Delaware; a woman shot at a Waffle House in Oklahoma City; a woman who grabbed money from the register at a Hermitage, Tennessee , Waffle House; a beating at a Waffle House in North Little Rock, Arkansas; the murder of a waitress at a Waffle House in Biloxi, Mississippi; and just a few hours ago a Shooting at a Waffle House in Dallas, Texas, which is it's third attack at the location this week alone.

No, I'm not exaggerating when I say those waffles are cursed. For a variety of reasons, the diners seem to attract a certain aspect of society that comes from a dark and violent sector of the public.

Multiple factors come into play here as to why so much crime actually occurs at these locations versus other restaurants of which also have crime but not nearly on the same scale in terms of violence and ratio of business.

First and foremost there are so many Waffle House locations in cities and neighborhoods that historically have high crime rates. Every ghetto, every gun violence-ridden big city, every bad neighborhood; seemingly has a Waffle House within the vicinity.

Let's also keep in mind the fact that Waffle House is open 24 hours a day, and if you have ever been to an all-night diner after midnight you probably have noticed that it tends to attract the vilest creatures that only come out at night. Like vampires, they are drunkards, drug addicts, drug dealers, gangbangers, thugs, punk ass kids, and the occasional truck driver or traveler who is just trying to eat.

This brings into account the fact that during those hours in many locations around the country Waffle House is the only restaurant open around the clock where you can dine inside. That alone is a reason for drunks or druggies or disrespectful and immoral folks leaving bars and clubs to want to eat inside with a group of friends.

Gang and drug-related crimes often occur at these locations. With the ease of access to the interstate at most Waffle Houses gangs and violent members of society such as drug dealers often meet their customers and clientele at these locations because it's convenient to do business where there are people versus meeting alone somewhere putting yourself at risk for law enforcement or being robbed by a customer or dealer. Meet where it's safe so to speak.

Since we're discussing gang and drug crimes, statistics show that much of these crimes are in fact committed by African Americans. Sure there are white consumers of drugs but the majority of the gun violence surrounding those sales are either competitive dealers having territorial disputes or gangs with similar reasoning.

Emphasizing on that point much of the gang and drug violence being committed by African Americans it's a stereotype but a very factual one that black people love chicken and waffles. That's just a fact. I don't think I've ever eaten at a Waffle or a chicken joint and not been surrounded by a majority-black customer base who are devouring that chicken like it's their last meal.

Hey, the chicken is good, I get that, but the facts are just the facts. Black people know it's true that they consume the hell out of some chicken and waffles.

Let's also be reminded that many of these locations of the freeways are next to majority black demographics and often times those regions are indeed crime ridden with the drug and gang violence that we often hear about resulting in death or violent confrontations with firearms.

Again facts are just facts. Black on black crime is terrifyingly disturbing to everyone and these locations in combination with the crime rode areas and the 24-hour accessibility just tend to create a formula for disaster.

Yes, these problems occur at other 24 hour locations across the food industry as well, but contrary to the opinions of Waffle House, the statistics show it does happen more at this particular chain.

When asked about the ongoing violence and crime around their locations, Kelly Thrasher, a spokesperson for Waffle House, said “It’s not that more of these stories happen at Waffle Houses. It’s just getting more attention when it happens at a Waffle House.”

Kelly, unfortunately, you're wrong. Such stories get more attention because well, more headline crimes occur at the Waffle House. There really isn't a politically correct answer to the debate here. Facts are just facts.

Let's continue by mentioning it's also inexpensive to eat at Waffle House and open to all. Now I'm a bargain hunter like anyone else, and Waffle House is delicious, buy that price scale tends to attract certain sects of society as well that have shady intentions at times.

Let's discuss those people. Waffle House is typically located off highways around Truck Stops just as often as it's next to large cities that are filled with crime. Many of those Truck Drivers are on the road a week to a month at a time and they drive ten hours plus a day.

Being away from their families or being single men they still have needs and desires. In the needs department, they stop at the truck stops for a shower and head over to the Waffle House to recharge with a meal.

In the desires department, those men make great money and often times are single or away from their wives so long they need sexual satisfaction. Being the fact that they're basically driving a moving hotel room since their semi-trucks have large cabins with beds; those truck stops attract prostitution.

Yes, it's something most people don't wish to talk about but we all know it's true. ‘Lot Lizards’ as they're typically referred to, hang out around the truck stops late at night, or the 24-hour joints like Waffle House which are within walking distance of the hundreds of mobile hotel rooms that exist in the parking lot, with the intent to sexually please the drivers for cash.

Feel free to pull into a truck stop at 2 am and walk around the semis and see how many of these skin flute playing artists are walking around. There's usually a half dozen or more at each one.

With Waffle House being so inexpensive and open 24 hours they're usually inside drinking coffee all night in between clients as well. This is common knowledge to those in the know.

Let's tie that back a bit as well since most of these hookers tend to be drug addicts, not all but most, they also attract the drug dealers and gangs to those same locations. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Some of the prostitutes also have ‘pimps’ who protect them, for a percentage, which typically resides in nearby hotels. Waffle House locations are often right beside a handful of hotels as well because it's directly off the interstate and attracts travelers who are tired looking for food and sleep.

Those pimps in many cases either sell drugs themselves as well as the women or have gang ties to someone who does. Which is one of the reasons most off the interstate hotel chains also have the increased crime and drug activity?

Waffle House simply acts as an unintended safe space to harbor would be criminals in between their crimes. While that may not be the intention of the company it's very own policies certainly encourage the activity to continue.

I'm not trying to paint Waffle House with a broad brush nor is this a direct attack, it's simply an indication of realistic factors that come into account with a 24-hour open door service and the unintended consequences it has on violence and crime in general.


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