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G200 Summit: 200 German Cops Engage In Very German Sex Party at G20

Around 220 Berlin police officers were sent to Hamburg to help maintain law and order for the incoming July 7-8 G20 summit to be attended by world leaders, but which is also being anticipated to attract tens of thousands of anti-globalization protesters, as well. Instead of waiting and preparing security details for the global event, however, the more than 200-strong police forces have to be sent back home to Berlin after creating a public scandal by throwing a wild party topped with public sex in their accommodations in Hamburg.

The local media reported that the officers threw a scandalous party before assuming their duties, with some seen even having sex in public, urinating in a group against a fence and strip-dancing with weapons.

Local B.Z. Daily even reported that one female officer was seen dancing on a table dressed only in a bathrobe with a weapon in her hand. The paper published photos of the officers posing with their heavy drinks, and the dining site which was left in disarray after the wild party broke up at around 6:30 already in the morning of the following day.

Public broadcaster RBB reported that at least one officer was also involved in a “punch-up” with a colleague from the western city of Wuppertal.

Berlin police had to make the embarrassing confirmation of the German cops’wild party on Twitter. They posted the message: “Our police chiefs were told that our hundred-strong back-up force to Hamburg have been prematurely released from duty. The reason was misconduct at their accommodations on site.”

The Berlin police also added that statements will be taken and draw consequences from that.

Berlin security chief Andreas Geisel has expressed disappointment with what happened and found the incident alarming. He said: “the work of the Berlin police cannot be hurt by such incidents."


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Anonymous No. 4445 2017-06-28 : 17:05

At least they were in their own country, unlike Watkins the owner of this shitstirrer rag and 8chan, etc, who makes out like he gives a fuck about America when he lives in the Phillipines, on his relative growing farm, payes no taxes to the U.S, in fact he seems to be trying to incite violence there while he hides. Hey Jim, those 'newsreaders' of you, they wouldn't happen to be former employees of yours would they? you know "Asian Bikini Bar", your old buisiness. I suppose now we know what happens to ex whores and their pimps.

side note for you, it's trolls who love you, people who have honor, dignity, self-respect, etc, they are the ones who despise you, but as a money whore you'll no doubt keep believing your own fantasy like that other fuckwit LRH, mind you his insanity turned into a billion dollar whore hole

Anonymous No. 4451 2017-06-28 : 23:04

Germany's going in the shutter lads

Anonymous No. 4461 2017-06-29 : 02:14

Don't worry, Trump'll get you there first

Anonymous No. 4473 2017-06-29 : 09:36


If you issues with the owner, please do not involve and degrade the ladies-newsreaders. You dont know their stories, you dont know that for them they are just doing a decent job that earns for their families. What's your motive, anyway? Are you a fired employee? Pulling off a Comey? What's your ax to grind? I suggest moving on and becoming relevant to the U.S. or the world instead.

Anonymous No. 4480 2017-06-29 : 15:56

They help promote the owners agenda of racism, etc. my ax? i despise rich shitheads who are too cowardly for the front line, he incites hatred and violence, etc in america, et al while hiding in the phillipines, ergo relevance to U.S, etc. Oh and he's quick at calling people names and shit, and yet made his money from porn and racist(among other things)chan sites, the hypocrite.

by the way comey's got balls, trump's the shitstirrer, guess he can't take no for an answer

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