By: Earnest Jones | 06-28-2017 | News
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CNN #FakeNews Story About Gulf War Leaked As Producer Criticizes Network's Coverage of Pres. Trump

The latest undercover sting video by Conservative filmmaker and activist James O’Keefe has been released. The video features CNN Health Supervising Producer John Bonifield criticizing the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump. The producer declares the investigation into any possible collusion between the president’s campaign and Russia mostly bullshit.

The release prompted supporters of President Trump to demand accountability from the cable news network. A spokesperson from CNN released a statement to the Daily Beast defending Bonifield on Tuesday afternoon.

The email said that CNN stands by the medical producer John Bonifield, adding that diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong and that they welcome it and embrace it. The video confirms nearly every right-wing complaint about the mainstream media.

Before the release, three journalists at CNN resigned after a Russia-related article based on unsubstantiated claims was published. One of the subjects of the piece, Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci, threatened a lawsuit, it was retracted and an apology was issued.

Leaked Footage has also emerged of Charles Jaco when he was the CNN anchor made internationally famous for heroically covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War. The first part of this video shows the stage set he was on while he clowns around with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian “hotel” in the background is adorned with fake palm trees and a blue wall in a studio. This clip was leaked by CNN staff.

The second part of the video is a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Charles Jaco is wearing a different jacket, but he had the same act. Even though the acting is terrible as Charles Jaco wore a gas mask, and his fellow Correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet, the American public was manipulated.

The sirens and missile sound effects are part of the stage set. The camera never pans out or shows the sky as they appear terrified of chemical weapons being dropped from above. Charles Jaco was a reporter for CNN and then worked as a reporter for FOX 2 NOW in Saint Louis, Missouri.


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Anonymous No. 4715 2017-07-05 : 04:12

Your source link is all of Youtube?

By the way, here's why Jism O'Quiff hates CNN.

In August 2010, O'Keefe planned a staged encounter with the CNN correspondent Abbie Boudreau, who was doing a documentary on the young conservative movement. He set up an appointment at his office in Maryland to discuss a video shoot. Izzy Santa, executive director of Project Veritas, warned Boudreau that O'Keefe was planning to "punk" her on the boat by trying to seduce her—which he would film on hidden cameras. Boudreau did not board the boat and soon left the area.

CNN later published a 13-page plan written by O'Keefe mentor Ben Wetmore. It listed props for the boat scheme, including pornography, sexual aids, condoms, a blindfold and "fuzzy" handcuffs. When questioned by CNN, O'Keefe denied he was going to follow the Wetmore plan, as he found parts of it inappropriate. Boudreau commented "that does not appear to be true, according to a series of emails we obtained from Izzy Santa, who says the e-mails reveal James' true intentions."

Following the Boudreau incident, Project Veritas paid Izzy Santa a five-figure settlement, which included a nondisclosure agreement. Funding decreased from conservative political organizations following this CNN incident.

Project Verydirty involved as well, if everything was legit with JOK and PV why pay and why non-disclosure.

Now who's fake news, mmm jimmy boy

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