By: Earnest Jones | 11-12-2016 | News
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George Soros finances terrorism

The New America Foundation is a State Department and George Soros funded organization; the organization states that the white Americans pose a major threat in regards to domestic terror threats. The organization has made a statement that pointed out to several incidences claiming that they are all attacks organized by the right-wing; the organizations also emphasizes that the incidents are not carried out by mentally disturbed individuals as the media claims; among the cases that the organization pointed out include the murder of three police officers in Pittsburg by Robert Poplawski, the Andrew Joseph Stack’s plane in Austin, and Charleston shooting.

The organization added that the mainstream media is always trying to exploit such cases to villainize the political enemies.

The reports that have been made claiming that there are certain groups of white Americans who are conducting terrorist activities against the United States of America appear to false and aimed at circulating propaganda aimed at manipulating the government to attack groups and people who are inclined towards defying the current policies that the Federal government is enacting.

Following Sikh temple shootings which took place in 2012; the media reported that Wade Michael Page had a connection with renowned white supremacist movement after Wade was accused of the shootings; this happened despite the fact there was no link that was established apart from an unverified connection with the Hammerskins. The Hammerskins is known for producing and distributing white power rock music.

Despite Wade Michael Page serving in the U.S. Army psychological operations unit from April 1992 to October 1998; the media couldn’t acknowledge that fact, instead they focused on the allegations. In a separate case in Las Vegas where two police officers were murdered by a couple, the NBC News tried to portray the couple as members of the white supremacist movement. The liberal media also attempted to indict Jerad Miller as Bundy ranch supporters without substantial establishment with the white supremacy movement. As if that’s not enough, Jerad Miller was also eliminated from Bundy ranch on grounds that he was a dangerous annoyance.

The New America Foundation has been backed by several foundations which include the Pew Charitable Trusts, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Among the members in the board of directors is son of George Soros, Jonathan Soros, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google.

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