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Photo credit: Alpharetta Department of Public Safety |

In what would have normally been a routine traffic stop, officers in Alpharetta, Georgia, were treated to an out-of-this-world experience when they approached the vehicle they had just signalled to pull over.

As the officers approached the car to issue the citation for going beyond the warp speed limits at 84mph, they were abducted into the twilight zone by what they saw sitting in the passenger seat.

The driver had a life sized Alien doll riding beside him, officers noticed. The good thing is that the ET was able to avoid a citation itself since it was buckled into it's seat belt.

The driver never told the officers why the Alien was in the car, but he was kind enough to let them take pictures to post to social media. The officer's wrote, “Umm, the things you see during everyday patrol. #ET #doesthisqualifyforHOV #IndependenceDay” onto their Facebook page.

In an ironic coincidence, Alpharetta is about 6 miles from Roswell. Not the infamous Roswell, New Mexico, however. Roswell, Georgia. It's possible the Alien was lost.


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RP's sex doll! :)

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