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Manchester Fire Chief Investigates Swingers Shagging in his Firetruck

Naked Blonde Hose Piped in Fire Engine: Picture Posted on Swingers’ Website as Manchester Fire Chiefs Launch Investigation

Manchester fire chiefs are trying to acquire the identity of a naked blonde that was busted having sex in fire engine. The disgraceful incident was caught captured by a picture that was posted on a swingers’ website.

The highly experienced photographer claims to be a fireman that’s seeking fellow swingers. The picture shows a naked blonde being pushed up against a fire tender’s side window as she romps in the cab. The partners hand is also seen groping the blonde’s left breast.

The series of explicit images were posted by a user with the fireman profile on a swinger’s website. The profile authenticity can be supported by a firefighters’ equipment and uniform that can be seen behind the naked couple.

On the engine’s door, the website address of the Greater Manchester fire service is clearly visible. The profile claims to be from “6ft 5ins Callum, 27” who is “genuine fire crew.” It shows a rear view of a man in full firefighting gear.

The naughty fireman claims to be athletic with tattoos and seeking women aged 18 to 60 for adult parties, blindfolds, dogging and group sex. The man is being sought after by Fire chiefs for misuse of brigade equipment if they are firefighters.

A statement from a reliable source revealed that real anger is building up within the fire service that a colleague abused his position by having sex in an engine and used the image on a swingers’ site.

Greater Manchester Fire Service confirmed that an investigation is underway, adding that three people were involved in the act. One culprit was taking the photo while the others were having sex. The Fire Service also emphasized that such images are of no benefit to the service.

One of the Fire Service spokeswoman revealed that his colleagues will do everything they can to find out about how the picture was made and who was involved.


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