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Breaking News : Turkey to Invade Syria?

The Turkish Military has sent armed forces into Syria, according to witnesses and local Syrian media in the region of Aleppo.

Several thousand heavy artillery fronts from Turkey have now engaged in a massive rebel offensive in northern Syria after the Turkish Armed Forces bombarded nearly a dozen Kurdish-held villages on Tuesday evening.

Local media inside Syria has reported that artillery shells landed on Tall Rifaat, Harbul, Ain Daqnah, Maranaz, Malkiyah, Qastal and Vilat Al-Qadi while Turkish reconnaissance planes hover over the town of Sheikh Issa.

The plans are most likely to provide coordinates of Kurdish targets and explore weak points in their defensive lines.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), if which the majority are YPG fighters, exchanged fire with Turkish-backed rebels in northern Aleppo.

Most suggest this is the kickstart to Global Conflict now occurring in the region, as Tensions have been high already between Turkey and Russia; and Russia will most certainly assist the Syrian Forces along with Iran.

Turkey however is a NATO country and increasing any sovereign hostilities against Syria and the Russian-Iranian Coalition could rapidly increase the threat of a world war.



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