By: Anonymous | 11-12-2016 | News

Israeli Jews abandon American Jews

The Jews seem to be divided by the election of Donald Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu is ecstatic and pleased with the results of the recent election in the United States. He is happy because one of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and move the American embassy to the new capital. The Jews in Israel are happy now. Benjamin Netanyahu says. “Most Jews in the world are already living in Israel.”

The American Jews are not happy however. They invested deeply in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, and had many promises made to them by her. It doesn’t look like Donald Trump has any intention of putting up with their whining and special interest lobbying at all. This has moved them out of their happy place and into their hate place. American Jews are not used to that. They are used to getting their way, at the expense of others. Now they will have to compete on equal footing with other Americans. Trump has said he will treat everyone fairly. That means that Jews won’t get special treatment just because generations ago someone in their family might have died during World War 2. To be fair, World War 2 was pretty awful, and almost everyone has family or someone they know’s family that died in that epic fight. It really isn’t fair for the people of today to have to pay some imaginary debt for people long dead to people that were not even born then.

Now is the time for American’s to put down the demonstrators that are showing their true colors, and get busy building that wall!

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