By: Savannah Smith | 11-11-2016 | News
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President-elect Trump To Have Access To Government Top Intelligence Reports

Before Tuesday's election, the White House has instructed that the winner should immediately have access to the highly classified the President's Daily Brief or PDB to ensure a smooth transition.

It is not clear whether that directive was in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton victory, Obama's fellow Democrat and his anointed to succeed him. With his stunning victory, President-elect Donald Trump will rightfully be the one to have access to what is considered to be the most authoritative and highly-classified intelligence report produced by the government.

Exclusive and anonymous intelligence sources informed Fox News that Trump can have access to the PDB as early as next week.

Due to its sensitive and classified nature, receiving the PDB can only be done in a secure facility. The White House has dedicated a transition space nearby that can be utilized by Trump to receive the PDB. If the president-elect, however, would prefer to receive the brief in New York City where he is staying, he would need to travel to a secure federal facility in order to receive the PDB such as the FBI office.

One of the controversies that hit Hillary Clinton towards the end of the campaign was the Wikileaks releases that she has asked her maid to print classified information including PDBs for her during her term as secretary of state, which is against security protocol. Hillary's house staff, of course, did not have security clearance to handle such sensitive documents, even for just printing purposes.

The PDB is like a highly classified newspaper for the president, and soon for the president-elect as well. During the campaign, candidates received a significantly different information briefings that function as primers to help them on issues as China, Iran, the Islamic State,

among others. Candidates were free to request additional information of other topics of interest to them.

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