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Instructor’s Poor English Cause of Teenager’s Death from Bungee Jumping

What was supposed to be a fun adventure turned into a tragedy when a 17-year-old girl died after a botched bungee jump from a bridge in Spain, which the court attributes partly due to the instructor’s “poor English.”

Dutch national Vera Mol went bungee jumping with a group of teenagers outside Cabezon de la Sal, located in Spain’s northern region of Cantabria in August 2015.

Mol’s rope had not been secured yet when she jumped from a road bridge as she might have misheard her instructor who said “no jump” and mistakenly took it to mean “now jump”.

The bungee jump instructor has appeared before a Cantabria court and has been directly accused of causing the teenager’s death. Flow Track, the company that organized the bungee jump, will also now face prosecution for homicide through negligence.

The court’s judgment read: “The use of the poor English ‘no jump’ could perfectly well be understood as an explicit order to jump by the victim. It is unfortunate that the girl’s life could have been saved if only the instructor used the usual and familiar line “don’t jump”, which is the more widely -used terminology as also heard by the court.

The judges also pointed out that the instructor should have checked the teenager’s ID first before the bungee jump as she was under 18. It was also alleged during the court hearings that bungee jumping from the road bridge is even banned under Spanish regulation.


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Anonymous No. 4390 2017-06-27 : 14:33

I blame the childs low attention span.

Realistically, I believe this is how it should have played out:

*Preparations being made*, Instructor with heavy accent says "No jump", girl mistakes it as "Now jump!", she is about to leap forward, the instructor clears it up by repeating (most likely) "No jump, no jump!" while gesturing to her in haste, the kid does not jump.

This is how it probably happened instead:

*Prepares*, "No Jump", teenager is bored and had already been waiting for two minutes so she is glad to finally have something catch her attention again so she jumps right in.

Anonymous No. 4395 2017-06-27 : 18:17

Teenager’s Poor Spanish Cause of her Death from Bungee Jumping.

There you go, after all, as you keep telling everyone if someone comes to your country, you be able to speak the language, isn't that right Savannah.

Anonymous No. 4396 2017-06-27 : 18:26

Dutch national Vera Mol, why would she understand english, it clearly states she is Dutch, I doubt spanish instructor also speaks Danish

Anonymous No. 4397 2017-06-27 : 18:35

No matter the language barrier it is still obvious the instructor and the operators of the business are all negligent, they should have bern preared to deal obviously with tourists and minors. Good that they will be charged! Justice for the girl!

Anonymous No. 4405 2017-06-27 : 21:47

She already deserves a Darwin Award just for jumping off a bridge under any circumstances. Normies are such sheep that they'll leap from a bridge without a second thought if they're told to. She should have been paying attention to her surroundings more and less to the instructor. I should also add that it's disrespectful to Spanish citizens to expect them to learn your language and accomodate you. I'd be offended if a foreigner came to my country and expected me to speak his language.

Anonymous No. 4407 2017-06-27 : 22:31

Sorry, but she was so stupid she didn't check the rope was tied to her,how do we know she didn't commit suicide, some people are known to suffer from an inability to controling their impulses, the list goes on

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