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Trump and Obama first stage of Power Transition

President Elect Donald Trump called for unity among Americans during his acceptance speech after winning the presidential election. President Obama quickly extends his congratulatory message and best wishes to Donald Trump after his stunning win over Hillary Clinton.

The two powerful men went really professional in going over with the first stage of the power transition ,sitting next to each other in front of the media in the oval office.The kind gestures on both sides were the opposite on how they bitterly attacked each other throughout the campaign period.

The pair of leaders had a 90-minute talk just by themselves, without the presence of aides at the White House. Obama later told reporters that the two of them had an excellent conversation where they discussed a wide range of issues from foreign policy to domestic policy. They also discussed organisational issues in setting up the White House.

President Obama wishes Donald Trump to succeed as president, for the simple reason that his success would mean the success of the American people. His wife Michelle Obama met with the next first lady Melania Trump giving her insights on what it’s like living in the political world.

Meanwhile protesters in several states in America are now on their second day of revolution.In New York, for the second straight night, hundreds of protesters gathered near the iconic Trump Tower to express their anger and anguish over the election of the businessman.The crowd was notably young. The organizers were not yet old enough to vote, but said that they wanted to inspire young people to voice their opinions and understand that they can shape the future.

President Elect Donald Trump weighed in on the two days of protests Thursday evening, complaining that he took part in a "very open and successful presidential election" but now "professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

Its time for this young people to go home and rest let the new leader take his part on what he can do in improving their lives and not wasting their time protesting in the street.

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