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Project Veritas Undercover As CNN Admits To Being Fake News

CNN is fake news. We all know it. We've all believed it for some time. In fact, most of the mainstream media is pure propaganda.

However, thanks to James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas, they've once again made headlines by going undercover inside CNN in a brand new Project Veritas release.

John Bonifield, a CNN employee for nearly 15 years was exposed by Project Veritas on video admitting the whole Russia narrative is complete lies for ratings.

He even throws CNN CEO Jeff Zucker under the bus admitting he was the one keeping the Russia coverage continuous. At one point Bonifield says the CEO told the CNN crew to stop covering the President pulling out of the Paris Accords so that they could “get back to Russia” in order to push ratings.

Bonifield makes a joke about journalism ethics not being important because "this is business", he says.

These shocking revelations have many Trump supporters calling to have CNN’s broadcast license revoked entirely. They are not a news outlet, they are an entertainment business if not a campaign platform for the left’s agenda.



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Bonnie Stone No. 4380 2017-06-27 : 08:26

I do not believe CNN is pushing "fake news" which is a term used by Trump who clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word "Fake!" They are not going to risk their license by spreading "false/fake" stories that have no substance! The Russia investigation was NOT started by CNN but by intelligence agencies AND if they want to keep it at the forefront, that's their prerogative as it is with NY Times and Washington Post! There is no difference between leftist views and those of the right, supported by FOX news. The problem is, you don't like it and want it banned! Well I don't like Steve Bannon or Jeff Sessions views, nor do I like the lies that Trump spouts off in his tweets but I can't have them banned. To pull CNN would be in violation of the constitution and would be met with all kinds of opposition. They have been very diligent in fact checking. Talk about your "Wittch Hunts!"

Anonymous No. 4386 2017-06-27 : 11:31

Boinnie Stone if you're not willing to be skeptical of CNN despite all the evidence, then there isn't much help for you.

Anonymous No. 4393 2017-06-27 : 16:28

Anonymous if you're not willing to be skeptical of Trump despite all the evidence, then there isn't much help for you.

Anonymous No. 4394 2017-06-27 : 16:35

clearly states that they don't know what the truth is, this is due to contrary 'facts' coming from 'all' sides, trump doesn't help because he keeps changing his stories and facts as well, on top of that his incoherence, inability to properly form sentences and his outright refusal to admit when he gets things wrong(usually by blaming everyone else) just makes it worse. he needs to make sense, use bullet points, not wander off topic, have manners and admit when he fucks up, that would help people to trust and understand him and he might even get some respect

Anonymous No. 4414 2017-06-28 : 00:08

No anon no. 4394.

These "people" HATE him, making the slightest apology is definitely going to result in them smearing and mudslinging him a thousand times harder, instantly. He needs to stick to his guns and kick the lugenpresse's collective behind.

Anonymous No. 4418 2017-06-28 : 02:39

CNN is Fake News

Anonymous No. 4423 2017-06-28 : 03:39

Yeah, sure, because everyone who doesn't agree with Trump 'must' be a liar,

So Manaforte 'must' be a liar too?

Paul Manafort, who was forced out as President Trump’s campaign chairman last summer after five months of infighting and criticism about his business dealings with pro-Russian interests, disclosed Tuesday that his consulting firm had received more than $17 million over two years from a Ukrainian political party with links to the Kremlin.

The filing serves as a retroactive admission that Mr. Manafort performed work in the United States on behalf of a foreign power — Ukraine’s Party of Regions — without disclosing it at the time, as required by law. The Party of Regions is the political base of former President Viktor F. Yanukovych, who fled to Russia during a popular uprising in 2014.

manaforte did the filing not nyt before you leap on that one

SS Trumptanic and the Truthberg, after all if all this shit is what you can see, what's underneath.

if trumps innocent he needs to stop whining and throwing tantrums and let all of it come out, he'll get more respect than trying to pass the blame and make stupid comments, etc

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