By: Red Pill | 06-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: ArazaEnt | YT

Video: Black Cop Kicks Unarmed Man Repeatedly After Shooting Him

Cell phone video captured of police brutality is going viral after Officer Bruce Johnson of the Houston Police Department is caught on film repeatedly kicking an unarmed man while he's on the ground.

The Officer, an African American, has been indicted by a grand jury after the video has made headlines.

The woman filming the video said she was “just shocked and appalled” that this police officer has committed this heinous police brutality right in front of her.

On the film, after the officer shoots the man you can see him kicking the bleeding suspect who was unarmed repeatedly while on the ground. The victim made zero attempts to attack the officer.

The Officer at one point noticed he's being filmed and he yells at the woman, “Did ya’ll call the police?”

The stunned woman with a camera replies, “Aren't you the police?” to which the Officer Bruce Johnson says “yeah”.

The local community is outraged and the Houston Police Department intends to release Officer Johnson pending trial.



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