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Black Lives Matter, For The Right Price

The mother of Philando Castile Valeria Castile , the now infamous black male killed by the hands of Minnesota Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez, has reached a settlement with Minneapolis as part of his death.

What's most shocking about this situation is Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted in the fatal shooting, and is now a free man, yet the city is somehow responsible for the death of the man who disregarded the officer's commands and reached for a weapon?

Why must the Minnesota City be financially liable for a death where no wrongdoing was committed at all? The case leads to several questions about the legality and accountability (or lack thereof) within the black community.

Philando Castile wouldn't have made $3 million dollars in his entire life. He was a cafeteria employee, and showed blatant disregard for the criminal justice system and endangered the life of the officer the moment he reached for a firearm.

It should be common sense to anyone that you simply do not reach for a weapon when a police officer is questioning you. While there should be some focus on educating the black community on how to properly respect law enforcement, instead it seems that we're blaming the officers for the faults of the parents who should teach their children how to handle themselves.

Instead we're rewarding the mother, for her own failed parenting lessons. Now I'm not saying Castile deserved to die, by all means be did not. However this is a man who has had more than 63 traffic violations alone. While they're minor offenses, it shows a long history of disregard for laws. Several no operators license, several seat belt violations, etc.

Research into Philando Castile’s record shows he was stopped by police 31 times, charged 63 times, and found guilty of 43 of those charges.

What that tells me is that while he may not be a ‘violent criminal’ he simply chose to continue to ignore regulations and laws as if life was a game where he could choose what laws to follow. Much of that can be contributed to poor parenting.

These are the underlying facts that people choose to ignore. Instead they will blame racism or hate or whatever narrative to distract from assuming responsibility of the individual.

Men and women of every race, gender, or innuendo drive every day following the laws of their community and face zero issues. Statistics prove this is a fact. Break the law, you put yourself into a category of ‘criminal’ regardless of what the offenses are.

Sure we all make mistakes, but the difference between being mature and growing as a person to prevent those traffic citations from continuing would have been for Castile to start obeying the law. 43 convictions is about 42 too many for him to have continued to live his life as a rebellious man. He should have started obeying the law. It's quite simple.

Profiling is something that's done by police when they recognize someone who creates a history or reputation for themselves which is based upon their own actions in the past. This is a known fact. If you've been busted with drugs before, for example, and an officer sees you again, they're probably going to think you have drugs.

I'm not sure what's so hard to understand about this. There's also something that's very rarely reported to the people in order to play into the race baiting narrative the media likes to push; which is the fact that Philando Castile was actually booked into jail previously by the same Officer Yanez for having an outstanding warrant in 2011.

So it's not as if Castile is this bright and shining angel of innocence. Let's delve into that a bit further.

Days prior to the Castile Shooting death Officer Yanez was seeking to investigate an armed robbery, of which police reviewed the footage of the crime.

On the security tapes it is clear that the suspect is identical to Castile , and Castile was actually a suspect in that crime. You're free to review the images from that scene and images of Castille and determine your own conclusion. I for one would have at minimum taken Castille into custody for questioning because the resemblance is that strong.

Much of the narrative about ‘muh dindu nuffin’ Philando was pushed out by the ghetto girlfriend who infamously live streamed the aftermath of the shooting onto Facebook Live.

By only streaming the aftermath of the shooting with Philando dying it was able to gain sympathy for the man from lower IQ subhumans who simply won't consider the evidence or the facts.

The video did not show what occurred before the shooting. The video couldn't explain that Philando disobeyed the officer and put the officer’s life in danger. The video couldn't tell you that Philando had a history of ignoring the law.

Yes the officer was panting in distress. He had just shot a man. No officer goes into work wanting to ever have to use that weapon. This is just a fact. The officer hated that he had to but in his mind it was him or Castille the moment Philando chose to reach for that weapon.

Let's emphasize on that phrase as well; that Philando chose to reach for his gun. It reverts back to my previous suggestion that Philando showed blatant disregard for the law and disrespect for law enforcement throughout his life.

Much of that goes back to the would-be parents of Philando Castile , except that he never had a father figure in his life. Valeria Castile was a single mother, and in the end she failed her child by not educating him and teaching him to respect the law, which ultimately led to his untimely death.

Now this very same mother who failed her child in life will be rewarded in her failures by being given nearly $3 million dollars. This makes absolutely zero sense to the intelligent people of America who follow the law of the land and do so with extraordinary passion.

Her response to these allegations was to say, My son was a law-abiding citizen and he did nothing wrong,” Valerie Castile said. “I think he was just black in the wrong place.”

This cannot be real life. It seems like a parody to even suggest he did nothing wrong. He reached for a firearm directly in opposition to an officer's demands. He endangered the officer's life. Even worse he chose to do similar actions at least 43 of the times he was convicted. He had been arrested more than two dozen times. Not just ticketed, arrested.

Much of this is why people take Black Lives Matter as a racially discriminatory excuse for the Black community who refused to accept responsibility for their actions.

I know dozens of black men and women who follow the laws and raise their families and work hard and are some of the greatest Americans the community has to offer.

Why is it that specific groups of crime ridden areas tend to disregard their children to the point they fail to educate them and such tragedies occur?

At what point do Blacks realize this and fix the problems which remain in their households and community?

These are all questions that have to be asked in order to finally solve the problem. Simply blaming white racism every time is not removing the underlying issues of failed black parenting and education of their children.

It's not white racism that creates a poor environment in your household. It's not white racism that caused Philando to break the law more times in a few years than most would over five lifetimes. It's not white racism that was responsible for his death.

In fact the officer in question wasn't white at all. The media has used this as another deliberate divide and conquer scheme for ratings and division which benefits their agenda.

It's terribly tragic that Philando had to die, but it's even more tragic than those who claim Black Lives Matter will allow a martyr, for the right price, without any accountability.

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Anonymous No. 4348 2017-06-26 : 21:53

Does the person who owns this site or writes these articles part of /pol/, or are they just that dumb?

Anonymous No. 4353 2017-06-27 : 00:37

They're just that dumnb, oh and sad as fuck, so they need scapegoats really badly

Anonymous No. 4357 2017-06-27 : 02:41

Fuck off, cucks.

sabrina goodwin No. 4388 2017-06-27 : 12:51

The author of this article is 1000% correct. Just as we have seen CNN lie & create fake news for ratings against our POTUS they and other organizations will do the same. Its simply divide & conquer scheme. It has to stop, people cant be this stupid. Im 37 & been pulled over 1 time in my life. I learned, i didnt want to pay tickets or court cost. I work hard for my money, so why throw it away. Common Sense. This is the fault of bad parenting, everything starts at home, to have a good life you build a strong truthful foundation.

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