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Amazing footage has surfaced from what appears to be a bomb that has exploded on a bus in Paris near Tremblay.

The incident began in mid afternoon in what appears to be a scene of chaos and destruction. Any eyewitnesses say the bus itself erupted after the explosion and is now being burnt to molten steel.

Once again the religion of peace is the most probable suspect in this attack. A once normal and peaceful nation has never experienced such attacks until the open borders policies began.

Welcome to Macron’s France. There are no confirmed or identified reports of fatalities yet but the situation is still unfolding.

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Pascal Stil No. 4345 1498506826

Well done for pointing a finger at innocent people before the cause is known. As your source says probable cause is engine issue, not a bomb

Anonymous No. 4351 1498520422

Pascal Stil 6/26/2017 20:53:46 No. 4345,

well played, but be careful, the crybabies on here start throwing major tantrums and slurs if you dare to disagree or prove them wrong

redfoot No. 4379 1498551436

sorry everyone, i farted near a lit cigarette.

Anonymous No. 4400 1498588789

no change there then, redfoot

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