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Photo credit: Boston Massachusetts State Police

Convicted! Boston Man Killed 2-Year-Old 'Baby Doe' in Occult Ritual

In a heart-wrenching case of a baby girl which her body was found washed up onto Boston Harbor Beach; man accused of being responsible for her murder was her mother's own boyfriend.

The defendant, Michael McCarthy, stood on trial in the killing two-year-old Bella Bond, once known only as "Baby Doe," in 2015. The girl's mother, Rachelle Bond, plead guilty to being an accessory to murder for her role in assisting McCarthy dispose of her daughter's body.

The mother became the prosecution's star witness in the trial. Rachelle Bond told the jurors that she saw McCarthy punch the girl in the abdomen so hard that she bounced off a bed, and didn't come forward about the crime because she was afraid of McCarthy.

During the trial McCarthy showed no reaction in court as the verdict was announced. After being found guilty the bailiffs placed him in handcuffs, and he now faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison with a chance for parole in 15 years.

The composite image of the one time unidentified "Baby Doe" was shared millions of times on social media after her body was found on Massachusetts' Deer Island in June 2015.

However the child wasn't identified as Bella Bond until three months later, when Rachelle Bond told a friend of McCarthy's she had seen McCarthy kill the child, and the friend then notified police.

The prosecution in the case said that McCarthy was ‘obsessed with the occult’ and sacrifice as well as death in order to archive some sort of demented serenity.

Rachelle Bond said McCarthy dumped the two-year-old child's remains in a duffel bag off the waters of South Boston. She then said she told him, "You killed my kid."

She said McCarthy replied, "It was her time to die. She was a demon."

However the defense claimed that was a ‘web of lies’ and stated the mother herself was ‘obsessed with demonology’ and was responsible for the murder of her own daughter.

"The government does not know whether the witness is telling the truth," the judge said to the jury. "That's up to you to decide."

After sixteen days of a long trial where over 169 articles of evidence and 34 witnesses were presented to the jury, they reached began. The process of deliberations.

The five long days or decision making brought the jury of eight men and four women found the defendant guilty of the heinous act of second degree murder.


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