By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-11-2016 | News
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Paul Ryan Optimistic with Republicans’ Upcoming Accomplishments Under Trump Administration

After Donald Trump was elected president and the Republican Party’s majority win in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan feels that the GOP will be able to do great things for the country in the next few years. As noted by Ryan, through the Republican Party’s presence in the government, the GOP will be able to reverse some of the damaging policies implemented by President Barack Obama’s administration.

The Speaker of the House met with Trump on Thursday to discuss matters regarding his incoming administration. This marked the first time the two met in person after Ryan rescinded his support for Trump during the last few weeks of his campaign.

Although Ryan disagreed with Trump, he still decided to fully support the Republican Party by voting for its presidential candidate because he believes that he is a more suitable leader than his rival Hillary Clinton.

Ryan said that his meeting with Trump was very productive. Although he didn’t go into details regarding their discussions, he noted that they focused on topics related to the improvement of the country.

“Think about all these regulations that Obama is planning on rolling out that will put a wet rag – a dark cloud – on our economy,” Ryan said according to The Hill. “It’s being lifted. Donald Trump’s election, right there, just from regulations, helps save millions of jobs, helps the economy.”

With Republican members sitting in Congress, Ryan believes Trump will be able to smoothly implement his policies which are designed for the betterment of the country. Also, with Republicans in the White House and Congress, the U.S. government will be able to maintain a unified front while working to improve the lives of the public.

“We closed the campaign by calling for Republican unity, and that is what we now have going forward,” Ryan said. “This was an unconventional year. It was an unconventional candidate, but the point is we unified especially at the right time at the end, and it worked.”

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Mr. Cherney & Staff

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