By: Katherine Davis | 06-26-2017 | News
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OUTRAGEOUS! Groups Transporting Muslim Immigrants into Europe are Demanding Financial Support!

Every day, numerous non-governmental organizations are helping transport hundreds of illegal immigrants into Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the high risks, dangers, reported casualties and the government's claim that they are trying to put a stop to these, these transport operations are taking place almost uninterrupted. In May of this year, reportedly 10.000 illegal aliens were transported to Europe in just four days.

The media largely praises them as heroes saving the helpless and the organizations themselves are so confident in their work that they demand financial support, even from the government. “Sea Watch”, “Sea Eye”, “SOS Méditerranée”, the list of organizations is long and keeps growing due to their success – in earning money by encouraging and enabling illegal immigrants to travel to Europe in droves, with promises of prosperity and assurance that they can stay forever. With the amount of NGOs working in the Mediterranean Sea route, the amount of immigrants keeps growing as well.

According to Sicilian politicians, as well as the Libyan coastguard, NGOs today are working together with Libyan criminal human traffickers and sharing the proceeds from illegally trafficking people across the sea.

Dresden’s Public Prosecutor's Department Is Investigating

The NGO “Mission Lifeline” from Dresden is reportedly under investigation for human trafficking in the Mediterranean Sea and has been served with a subpoena. Representatives of the organization however already publically announced that they refuse to comply and simply called the accusations “absurd”.

With the European Union not making any public moves to prevent these actions, NGOs are confident in their activities. Officially, even though the EU claims they want to put an end to this mass transportation of illegal aliens across the sea, their main priorities are protecting, saving and resettling the “refugees” – and those are the consequences for the boatloads of immigrants arriving this way. Instead of sending boats back or refusing to let them in, they’re accepted and supported, further confirming the idea and sending the message to all North Africans or others that illegally travelling and taking this dangerous route is their way to money and success for free. Needless to say, the human-trafficking efforts by NGOs as well as Libyan people smugglers are encouraged, while the Libyan government and coast guard, who are trying to stop them, are left in the dust.


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Anonymous No. 4332 2017-06-26 : 15:54

OH NO! EXACTLY WHAT THE "F" everyone's been trying to tell you is what's happening!

George Soros funded, lead, and created "NGO" groups are doing exactly what we accused them of! GASP!

What the "F" else is "F"-ing new?!

Anonymous No. 4338 2017-06-26 : 17:18

Ahh, frau Katherine you didn't drown, your admirers will be so relieved, still twisting those facts though, mind you it's hard to find reality when you only use a kaleidoscope, please remember the furher is dead, now schnell, schnell, go, make me a real article

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