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Video: Woman Almost Swallowed By Sinkhole In Tropical Storm Flood

In Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a woman nearly drowns from a sinkhole in floodwater but was saved after a group of Alabama locals grouped together to create a human chain to pull her from danger.

The woman said she stopped at a stop sign and floodwater swept the car into a drainage ditch at a parking lot in Muscle Shoals, Alabama on Friday.

"There was running water, moving water, across the roadway. When she stopped at the stop sign, the current of the water pulled her vehicle into the drainage ditch," Tommy Skipworth of Muscle Shoals Police Department said.

"If there's moving water in the roadway, you need to stop and go the other way," Skipworth added

Thanks to fast acting responders on the scene and good old fashioned Southern Hospitality they were able to unite and save this woman from imminent death.

Her entire vehicle became submerged in the ten-foot deep flood waters. “We started a human chain and they were holding the car,” Mike Keenum, one of the rescuers stated. “I raced in the back and got the back door open…and got her out the back door.”

Kaycee Brooks Karcher captured the entire rescue and shared it on Facebook. She said the car “was filling with water” and her brave husband, who was part of the chain, “was at the right place at the right time.”

Most of Southern Alabama has experienced severe flooding due to the onslaught of Tropical Storm Cindy this past week bringing with it record downpours for the month of June.

You don't know what's under that water," Skipworth said. "And just like it did this vehicle, it didn't matter how much the vehicle weighed. The current of the water was so strong is just lifted the vehicle up."



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