By: Savannah Smith | 11-11-2016 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

Trump, Obama Ready To Put The Bitterly Fought Battle Behind

During his victory speech, President-Elect Donald Trump called for unity among Americans while President Obama quickly offered his congratulations and best wishes to Trump after his stunning win over Hillary Clinton.

The kind gestures on both sides were in stark contrast to the way they bitterly attacked each other during the campaign.

The two looked ready to sustain such good will when they met at the White House to discuss transition plans. Trump is set to be inaugurated on January 20 next year.

The pair of leaders had a 90-minute talk just by themselves, without the presence of aides at the White House Oval Office. Obama later told reporters that the two of them had an excellent conversation where they discussed a wide range of issues from foreign policy to domestic policy. They also discussed orgnizational issues in seeting up the White House.

Obama also reiterated his wishes for Trump to succeed as president, for the simple reason that his success would mean the success of the American people.

Trump took a deferential tone toward Obama when he told journalists that he has great respect for Obama and that he looks forward to seeing him again in the future, and even to enjoy his counsel.

The outgoing and incoming presidents shook hands to conclude their meeting and to symbolize the transition of power. And with that, they put behind a bitterly fought campaign where they attacked each other passionately.

Trump's next trip to the White House could very well be next year in late January- and that time as President and new occupant of the White House already.

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