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Syrian Forces Kick Isis Out of Al-Raqqa

A Syrian coalition of Kurdish and Arab groups, backed by the United States, said its troops advanced in Al-Raqqa, a stronghold of the ISIS organization, on Sunday and took over the Qadisiyah district.

Syria's democratic forces launched their attack against al-Raqqa earlier this month, after a long campaign to isolate militants of ISIS in the city.

In a statement published on one of its official accounts on the social networking sites, the troops said they had taken control of the Qadisiya district in western Al-Rigga.

Democratic Syrian forces expelled the militants of ISIS from large areas of land in the north of Syria over the past 18 months, the Syrian opposition, backed by Turkey also snatched areas from militants of the Organization.The Syrian army has also been rapidly advancing this year in desert areas. We're subject to regulation.

The US-backed Coalition is helping Syria's democratic forces against the Isis fighters in the Al-Raqqa campaign with artillery bombardments and air strikes, including strikes targeting the organization's leaders.

The coalition said this month that its air strikes killed Turki al-Binali, a Bahraini cleric who was the organization's Mufti, the most well-known figure in the Arab Gulf states. He also announced killing Fawaz al-Rawi, the responsible for Funding ISIS organization, in an air strike, in Syria last week.


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