By: Jaselle Jash | 11-10-2016 | News

The Chosen One: 45th President Trump

The President-elect has been elected by the American citizens as the country’s 45th president in a stunning turn of events.

After the intense campaigning, the victory defied most people’s expectations as Trump was losing in the pre-election polls. This was a life time opportunity for the American people to respond to the status that has oppressed the nation for decades.

The Democratic nominee’s dream of making history as the very first female president of the United States has been disillusioned by the Republicans successful victory that proved the pre-election polls wrong. This was an outstanding statement that the American people have made concerning the political system that has oppressed the nation for a long-time; the untrustworthy Democratic nominee could not be entrusted with the presidential seat due to her awful past and irresponsible track record.

The Republican presidential elect has had no previous political experience since he specializes in business; Trump is 70 years old and he just broke the record for being the oldest president to be elected for the first term in the White House.

The Republican nominee has delivered a high-minded note of reconciliation after the intense campaign that saw him win the race to the White House, he made the statement shortly before 3 am. Wednesday after claiming victory.

The president-elect has made a statement in which he greatly appreciates the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton; by saying that she has worked for a long duration of time and he added that she deserves a lot gratitude for the service she has delivered to the nation. Mr. Trump added, "That it’s time for America to nurse the wounds of division." As he insisted on reconciliation and unity amongst the American people.

Trump added, "Republicans, Democrats, and Independents must unite and work together. "

The president-elect has depicted the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as a perfect example of a political leader who has partnered with the rigged system that has completely failed the American citizens. The President-elect has pledged that the United States will not settle for anything less than the very best. Mr. Trump has also emphasized that as America puts it’s interest first, the country will handle other nations fairly; he said that the country will seek common ground on the critical issues not hostility.

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