By: Earnest Jones | 11-10-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Wins The Presidential Election

The Republican presidential elect is the 45th president of the United States; having fought through a divisive, long, intense, and bitter election campaign, he finally made it. The election campaign has been especially tough for the Republican-elect Donald Trump, he had to fight through the many obstacles that had been thrown to him; a total of eleven women have previously accused him of sexual harassment and groping but the Republican president-elect managed to overcome the allegations.

On Wednesday, early signs had shown that Donald Trump was securing victory following projections that showed him securing 270 electoral votes, which is the threshold needed to secure victory to the White House.

The president-elect addressed his supporters in New York where he revealed that the Democratic nominee had congratulated him on the undisputed victory to the White House.

Mr. Trump said that he had received a phone call from Hillary Clinton who congratulated him on the victory to the White House and he in turn congratulated her for the intense battle that Hillary Clinton and her family unleashed in the intense campaign.

The Republican presidential-elect expressed his high-minded thoughts on the way forward having secured victory; he promised to unite and reconcile American citizens as he emphasized on the country working together. In the mean-time, the Democratic nominee released a statement in which they said that Hillary Clinton would address the nation on Wednesday morning.

In a statement made by James Bays, an Al Jazeera reporter from New York, he described the Republican president-elect’s victory as a political bombshell that the nation hasn’t seen in modern history.

The presidential election has grabbed the attentions of many people around the world as the election campaign was very intense and full of dramatic events that generated outstanding headlines in the last six months to a year.

It’s funny how the Republican presidential-elect was underestimated as the polls showed that most of the time he was trailing in the presidential campaign; he actually had to overcome very tough obstacles which included allegations of sexual harassment and groping by around eleven women.

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