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Britain Now Detaining 'Britain First' Speakers at Airports to Prevent their Speeches!

Known far-right activists from Europe who were on their way to an anti-Muslim rally in Birmingham where they were due to speak have been detained at airports.

Among those stopped were three Polish nationals including Jacek Miedlar, 28, an anti-Semitic priest, and fellow activist Piotr Rybak. The two were set to speak at the rally organized by far-right group Britain First.

Dutch national Edwin Wagensveld who heads his country’s anti-Islam movement Pegida was also held at about the same time at Birmingham airport.

Britain First reported the detentions. The group describes itself as “committed to maintaining and strengthening Christianity as the foundation of our society and culture” and has told its followers about a coming “civil war” with Islam. The group’s leaders said the detentions by border authorities are illegal.

Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen told the local media: “They have not committed any crime, it’s completely ridiculous.”

It is not yet clear whether the detentions have anything to do with last week’s three terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. Muslims were targeted in Finsbury Park, north London where one man was killed and dozens were injured.

Miedlar is described by anti-racism campaigners as “fanatical hate preacher” while he calls his critics as “leftists” opposed to “Polish patriotism.”

Miedlar, who’s from Wroclaw in western Poland, has a significant following in his country. His local Catholic church has, however, suspended him for the content of his nationalist sermons. He has continued to address tens of thousands of people at rightwing rallies. His speeches target the political left, “Islamic aggression” and immigration. They invoke the “warriors of great Poland” and are usually accompanied by chants of “God, honor, fatherland.”

Miedlar was also accused last year for describing Jews a “cancer” that had “swept Poland” during a rally he addressed in Bialystok. He was absolved of alleged hate-speech offenses. He was also detained earlier this year while trying to enter the UK for another Britain First rally in Telford. He was asked to return home.

Rybak was indicted last year for inciting hatred after burning an effigy of an orthodox Jew during a protest against Muslim immigration. Wagensveld was also arrested last year for failing to take off a child ‘s hat shaped like a pig while protesting against immigrant centers that were housing refugees.

Anti-racism campaigners insist Miedlar and his supporters could “radicalize” some of the 830,000-strong Poles living in the UK and have urged British authorities to intervene before their arrival.


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John C Rost No. 4253 2017-06-25 : 12:58

The girl who is in this picture is more than adorable. I would love to get a response from her. She is absolutely beautiful. I sympathise with all who are subject to inhuman terrorism.

Anonymous No. 4262 2017-06-25 : 16:04

It's because real Brits can't stand the racist fucks and we don't need them shit stirring, why don't you have them, you could polish their guns for them, your boss must getting bored by now

jcr, the pics a fraud, it has nothing to do with the story, the owners too cheap to pay for real stuff, is where he gets the pics

Anonymous No. 4272 2017-06-25 : 17:05

Real brits are tired of being raped and killed by black and brown foreigners and you're okay with them being raped and killed because you'd rather CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 2 get raped while white native brits get slaughtered wholesale, than someone call you the dreaded R word, (that's racist, not retard, dumbkopf).

Well guess what anon 4262?

YOU'RE A G-D [email protected] RACIST.

Anonymous No. 4278 2017-06-25 : 18:44


Hurr I dont know how to quote

Anonymous No. 4288 2017-06-25 : 20:52

Anonymous 6/25/2017 18:5:43 No. 4272

I'd call you an idiot but frankly i'm not sure you'd understand, you clearly appear to be a trump styled cretin due to the massively over inflated descriptions, in regards to your racism/retard description you're clearly poorly educated(I believe ritalin may help you focus), regarding racism, there are essententialy no such thing as 'true brits', due to being invaded over thousands of years, theoretically you could find relatively purer strains(stupid description, but it helps with idiots) in isolated places in wales and scotland, if anything you could say we're a kind a bastard mix, which frankly is fine by me, because when some stupid retarded hitlerian cock muffin starts whining in my face, I tend to show them what a complete bastard I can be.

So in short, stop burbling you moron and do try to understand, oh you may need help with the bigger words, but they are in english

Anonymous No. 4306 2017-06-26 : 01:49

So you admit you're okay with black and brown muslim invaders raping children and women in the UK daily/hourly?

Sounds to me like you hate women and hate children. As well as being a racist.

Anonymous No. 4307 2017-06-26 : 02:03

Obviously you're not capable of reading nor understanding basic english, therefore I surmise you probably have little idea of where the UK is let alone what actually goes on, your claims are so ridiculous as to be farcical. I have one piece of hope for you though, once you're on proper medication and are capable of at least limited rational thought, you could get a job working for Chump, after all your intellect, statistics and views on reality are about the same… terminally retarded, oh just in case, you might want to check with your carer, I suspect it's waaay past your bedtime, and besides it sounds like the child filter needs resetting on your computer, night, night, watch out for the bedbugs :)

Anonymous No. 4333 2017-06-26 : 15:56

You trying to tell me rotherham didn't happen? Cologne didn't happen?

Sounds to me like you work for soros and hate the damn goyim either way.

Anonymous No. 4339 2017-06-26 : 17:44

Rotherham is mainly regarding child groomers from different ethnicities, and the police have fucked up and totally let down the kids and the parents. totally agree there's a problem, but it's with pedos.

as for cologne, that's a nasty nazi shit stir, if you check, i think the indepent has a link showing a reporter being sexually molested…. by a group of facists(whites), so if anything that's actually 'our' color(seeing as you have such an issue) being a disgrace and assaulting an innocent woman, or perhaps you think it's all right as longb as they're white

why suddenly the need to cry soros lover, is that the new mantra, and goyim, really, for people who proclaim to hate them so much, you guys know an awful lot of their language, אתה רוצה לספר לנו משהו? (apologies if it translated wrong)

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