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Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Election: Weak Message, The Economy, And Trust

The Democratic nominees lose to the celebrity business man Donald Trump will be such a let down to the Democratic party, for the moment and for decades to come. Despite Donald Trump’s unpopularity in the political scene did not stop him from winning the race to the White House. The whole turn of events has left many political analysts and observers baffled as this took the nation by surprise; however, despite the agonizing loss, a rational explanation as to why the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost the election is still available and evident.

The political scene has been very polarized in the recent past; for instance, George HW Bush, after Reagan turned the events upside down. The incumbent political parties barely stay in power after two terms in office. The Republican presidential elect’s victory has set a trend that can be described as golden rule in the American politics; this is because of the insolence and unexpected turn of events.

It's surprising how Donald Trump was severally written off in the Republican primary and barely considered seriously until the general elections were around the corner. Mr. Trump embodies the same approach from which Britain voted to leave the European Union and also the nomination of Bernie Sanders by Democrats from 22 U.S. States. The whole establishment was simply not in alignment with to garner votes from the American voters.

Trust Levels Among The Presidential Candidates

Lack of trust was also a key determinant and a major issue that many American voters considered as they headed to the polls. The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had loads of issues on her back that led to many questions on whether she was fit to be the next U.S. president. Such issues included the paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and numerous business deals that her family conducted in connections with the charity program. The numerous issues left Americans with a lot of doubt on the suitability of Hillary to serve as president. As if that’s not enough, the FBI email probe was also another issue that American’s were worried about; despite James Comey clearing Hillary days before the election, it was evident that Hillary could not be trusted with the U.S. presidency.

The Economy

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton failed terribly in her response to how she’d handle the economic issues that are evident in the U.S. Hillary Clinton lacked a convincing solution to Issues such as the stagnant wage levels and the increasing inequality that have drastically affected the American citizens. The Republican-presidential elect managed to articulate the major cause of the problems facing the economy by stating that it was mainly caused by the rigged economy and bad trade deals.

Bernie Sanders tried his best to push Hillary Clinton into coming up with a sound and convincing response to the economic issues prevalent in the U.S. but it was unfruitful. Hillary Clinton’s volte-face was proved unsatisfactory by WikiLeaks emails.

Weak Message

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign was not selling any substantial message; during the whole campaign trail, she was only trying to convince the American citizens that she was qualified to be president. As much as this is true because Trump has not had much political experience, she failed to address the most important issues. Hillary Clinton failed to deliver a strong and memorable message; she raised policy prescriptions ranging from changes in the healthcare system to college debt proposals that barely added up.

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