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BREAKING NEWS : Car Ploughs Into Muslim Pedestrians in UK

A car has plowed into Muslim pedestrians in Newcastle just as they were celebrating Eid, reports say.

The possible terror incident took place in the car park of Westgate Community College, in Westgate Road.

Six people are now confirmed to have been injured. Unconfirmed reports stated that one child was stuck beneath the car.

Witnesses say an estimated 300 to 400 Muslim worshippers were at the college celebrating the end of Ramadan.

Armed police officers and helicopters have arrived at the scene of devastation as chaos ensues.

A 42 year old woman has been arrested. With the recent terror attacks in the UK and most recently against Muslims in Finsbury Park it’s too early to rule out if this was a deliberate terror attack.

Video taken in the aftermath of the crash shows people in hi-vis jackets running towards the scene as police sirens wail in the background.

One witness told the paper “There were lots of children there, people were gathering for prayers for Eid.

"My husband said he saw the car hit around six or seven people.”

Others who witnessed the crash said they believed it was an accident. More details as they arrive.


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Shmernie Shmanders No. 4257 2017-06-25 : 14:04


Anonymous No. 4267 2017-06-25 : 16:17

OK… this is exactly what happens when people try to FORCE cultural assimilation with groups of people who's lifestyles and ideals are completely contrary to one another. Unrest ensues, wars are often declared, then actual (violent) racism because a real threat.

This is all part of deliberate destabilization of the West. The treasonous governments are allowing total amnesty and with that millions of illegals/"refugees" are pouring into the country and the conflicts begin. Terrorism, civil unrest, next comes vigil ante groups killing one another… and wars get declared.

Is this what the UK government wants? Apparently so!

Anonymous No. 4269 2017-06-25 : 16:23

Now if only Europe can finally rid itself of tue mudslime threat.

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