By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-09-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Scheduled to Meet with U.S. Intel Agencies for Top Secret Security Briefings

Now that Donald Trump has been elected as the next president of the country, he will soon meet with the various agencies of the U.S. government. These include the top secret security departments and intel-gathering bodies such as the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

As noted by the former officials of these agencies, briefings with the CIA and NSA are part of the government’s protocols whenever a new president has been elected into office. As the incoming leader of the country, it is the duty of the intelligence-gathering community to brief the new president about its methods and procedures.

“The president-elect has received the final anointing by the American people, and is the person the intelligence community knows it will be serving over the next four years,” former CIA analyst Pail Pillar said according to Reuters. “There is every reason to be as thorough and forthcoming briefing the president-elect as in briefing the incumbent president.

The key party that will handle the briefings between Trump and the security agencies is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Although ODNI has not yet commented on the topics that will be discussed during the briefings, the sessions are expected to revolve around top secret subjects such as undercover espionage missions, covert eavesdropping operations and classified intelligence collection methods.

“I’m certain the intelligence agencies will approach these briefings with absolute professionalism,” former Deputy Director John McLaughlin of the CIA said.

Although these topics will be discussed in future meetings, Trump and a small group of his advisors were already briefed by intelligence officials almost immediately after the results of the election were unveiled. The exact details of briefing were not revealed but according to reports, it mainly focused on the various threats and foreign policy issues that the country is currently dealing with.

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