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The Geopolitical Scam Behind the Syrian War

The world is awakening to the sad fact that propaganda is continuously being deployed by globalists as they plot and manufacture wars. Such is the case in Syria, where people have been caught up in the conflict.

The mainstream media plays a huge role in the dissemination of propaganda. The corporate media in the world is controlled by the same interests, there could be no better example than the war that has been witnessed in Syria.

It’s no coincidence that every influential newspaper and TV channel in the world has bombarded us with the same propaganda and narratives with flawless coordination. This explains why the fake story of the Aleppo boy was not only repeated all over the world but was on the front page, on the same day, all over the world.

At a psychological level, people don’t believe that every media outlet would lie. This can be attributed to the fact we live in a country with free media and amazing journalists.

The mainstream media continues to lie about Syria but it can never reveal the geopolitical and financial reasons behind the Syrian war, which constitutes of:

Qatar oil/gas pipeline through Syria to Europe, Israel’s land and oil grab in Golan Heights, Saudi Arabia’s obsession with preventing a Shiite Crescent.

It’s evident that the mainstream media has partnered with some politicians in selling the scam on the war. They lied about Assad being unpopular when separate polls by CNN and Zogby showed him as the most popular leader in the Arab world in 2009.

The protests, which was engineered by CIA and Muslim Brotherhood, saw the MMS lie about who was fighting Assad despite the fact that there are no moderate Syrian rebels. It’s well known that the opponents are undemocratic Islamists, psychotic foreign terrorists, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

It is a well-known fact that fighters had billions of dollars’ worth of sophisticated equipment, yet the MMS romanticized a fictitious story of peaceful people fighting Assad for six years.

The globalists also use other arms such as Twitter, Netflix, HBO. All which also made their own contributions to the insane propaganda and lies. US/UK governments gave $100 million to Al Qaeda and created a slick hoax called the White Helmets that even won an Oscar.

Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl from Aleppo who could barely understand English, but tweeted Neocon talking points with the perfect English of a NY Times reporter.

Alabed has a verified Twitter account that is followed by celebrities and world leaders, has been interviewed by every MSM, and now has a book deal. Obama and Hillary would have attacked Libya and Syria for anything other than humanitarian and noble reasons.

That’s why Bernie Sanders supported both those wars. All these just show how strong the military-industrial complex and the globalists are. The only politician to speak the truth about the US arming terrorists is Tulsi Gabbard, who introduced a bill that merely said that the U.S. should not support terrorists.

Only 13 out of 538 Congressmen support her. Rand Paul introduced the same bill in the Senate and hasn’t gotten a single co-sponsor so far.

Manufacturing war becomes easier if the politicians and the media are corrupt, coupled by naïve American people who believe the myth of humanitarian wars and have no knowledge of history or geopolitics.

The majority of the Americans are ignorant of the attempts made by the U.S. Deep State since the 1950s to topple the government in Syria. No one seems to understand the pictures of the dead children they see on TV, yet they go ahead and approve the bombings in Syria.

Americans ought to ask basic questions that would be required in a crime scene regarding evidence, expert analysis, motives, means, and opportunity. It’s no wonder that America is in a perpetual state of war.

The narratives we hear are entirely from the point of view of the Western establishment. Pointing that Assad might be a nice guy or is well-liked by his own people is just too shocking.

People ought to learn how to listen to a foreign leader. It’s unfortunate that we just believe one-dimensional misrepresentations for foreign leaders, so the verdict against a foreign leader will always be guilty.

The Syrian is probably the first war in modern history when globalists used a joint project of multiple nations to wage a war. The CIA used its base in Jordan to train the rebels as the US also sold billions of dollars of weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS through the Gulf countries.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia sent cash and American weapons to Turkey, which funneled them to terrorists within Syria. Turkey also invaded Syria and simply looted thousands of factories in Aleppo; later, Turkey, bought billions of dollars of stolen oil at a discount from ISIS and then sold it to Israel.

There are claims that Israel has been a silent partner, coordinating the war behind the scene by helping the rebels in Golan Heights, and very likely assisting ISIS as well.

The UK spent millions of dollars on Al Qaeda’s paramedics or White Helmets; the UK also set up a satellite TV station in 2009 to broadcast anti-Assad programs. Many Syrian generals were also bribed by France and later on lured into defeat.

The use of Islamic terrorists over the past six years to bring about regime change in Syria should shock the conscience of any American. The Mujahideen project never went away, and the Syrian war only proves that Islamic terrorists will continue to act as proxy warriors on behalf of the globalists.

The shrewd system that thrives on conflicts and wars which, in turn, depend on a gullible population that simply consumes news and opinions fed by mass media and the politicians. Americans ought to truly understand that the war on Syria is a scam that’s being executed at a geopolitical level.


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