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Ancient Egyptian High Tech Artificial Toes Found

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Swiss researchers revealed that the ancient Egyptians from the beginning time excelled in the innovation of artificial limbs that were appropriate in size and comfortable in use.

After examining the latest technology for artificial toe made of wood dating back nearly 3,000 years. Researchers from the Swiss University of Basel gave the highest assessment of craftsmanship to the craftsman who manufactured the artificial toe.

According to researchers, the wooden toe was fastened with a woven ribbon in the foot of a priest's daughter.

The research team, led by experts from the University of Zurich and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, led by Andrea Loberlino-Jenners and Susan Beckel of Basel, concluded that the artificial fingertip was interested in beauty, natural appearance, and comfort in use.

This woman was buried in one of the nobility tombs of the upper class, which is close to the ruler.

The tomb was found west of the city of Luxor in Upper Egypt, known as Taiba at that time


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