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Hypocrisy: California Ruled Against Trump Travel Ban Then Issues Its Own

California seemingly believes that it is now it's own country. Defying Federal Law on illegal immigration as well as using it's liberal Judicial System to prevent the President of the United States from issuing executive orders nationwide.

In mid-April, U.S. District Judge William Orrick in California temporarily blocked President Trump's Executive Order threatening to cut off federal funding to local governments that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities to detain illegal immigrants arrested in criminal cases.

This meant that one State's judges effectively can bypass the orders of the President of the United States. The audacity of that statement should read like a work of fiction but it, in fact, has been a brutal reality that threatens the security and safety of all Americans.

President Trump on countless occasions has denounced these Leftist judges and their agenda driven rulings of defiance.

The ruling came with a harsh Twitter response from the President who said, "Out of our very big country, with many choices, does everyone notice," Trump said, "that both the 'ban' case and now the 'sanctuary' case is brought in the Ninth Circuit, which has a terrible record of being overturned (close to 80 percent). They used to call this 'judge shopping!' Messy system."

The decisions President Trump was referencing, in fact, have at often times been reviewed by the Supreme Court and reversed. In fact, 90% of the globalist rulings from these generally liberal appellate judges in the western U.S. judicial district are overturned.

That's beside the point, however, as it only further delays the platform the President of the United States campaigned on and the American people voted in favor of.

At what point do Americans stop buying the patience game and say enough is enough? The Liberal policies have failed them for half a century, and they voted for “Morning in America”, a new dawn under President Trump.

This hasn't stopped the left from going on an Anti-Trump tirade as the American people have continued to witness. The Ninth Circuit Court actually put a freeze on Trump's executive order, then turned around and issued it's very own Travel Ban from California to eight States within America.

Yes, that's not a typo. California has actually created a list of states of whom’s laws California disapproves of and stated that any State officials will not be allowed to travel to those states on official government business.

This is a declaration of civil war against America, without a single shot being fired. California is forcing other states to suffer because those states have an opposing opinion and consensus among their citizens to California's own cultural Marxism society and pro-globalist agenda.

The states which California forbids it's people from visiting include Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and North Carolina. These were the original forbidden destinations for government officials to travel on California's dime.

This week, however, the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra declared that the crime scene tape would extend into the borders of Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas. Yes, California has cut itself off from doing business with other American states all together.

In a publicly released statement, the California AG Becerra said, Our country has made great strides in dismantling prejudicial laws that have deprived too many of our fellow Americans of their precious rights. Sadly, that is not the case in all parts of the nation, even in the 21st Century.”

The reason behind such decisions is that supposedly the laws of these individual states are not on par with what California views should be nationwide legislation. California is actually using its own economic prowess to blackmail and force other states to submit to their will.

This is not Democracy, and the Supreme Court needs to intervene immediately. In fact, the Armed Forces should be seizing control of this rogue state.

The liberal California AG goes on to say, We will not spend taxpayer dollars in states that discriminate.” This is unprecedented in American history outside of the Civil War for a state to defy the American free trade system in such a fashion.

Not only has California defied the will of the majority by blocking the orders of a nationwide democratically elected President of the United States but they've now committed treason against America. Attempting to overthrow the very democracy that idles at the core foundation of this great nation.

There was a time when treason charges would be brought against these individuals, and the American people duly believe we need to return to those mantras and approaches to dealing with traitors. In order to restore law and order to this land, the President cannot sit by while California attempts to govern the entire nation with manipulation against the citizens and governments of its own country.

California has essentially ordered it's State government to violate the Constitution in order to interfere in the legislative and judicial processes of individual State's provisions which exist within their own territory. California now believes it is Capitol Hill, and this can somehow dictate the laws of the land.

The logic behind California’s assertions is that those states which are now listed as “off limits” have laws which are discriminatory against specific groups of people. Even if this were true, which it simply isn't, those laws are dictated by the people who are living in each state by whom they democratically elect to represent them.

Even worse California continues to interfere in local politics around the country. The most recent contested Ossoff-Handel election is a great example as the Democratic candidate received over 28 million dollars from California. What's wrong with that? Well, the election was in Georgia several thousand miles away.

What's more amusing is that Governor Jerry Brown of California has no problems traveling into Saudi Arabia, a nation which brutally executes homosexuals and inflicts sharia law upon it's women forcing them into some of the most oppressive situations of any nation on the Earth.

California claims these actions are due to “human rights”, which is a blatant and boldface lie. If California were concerned with human rights it’s Governor damn sure wouldn't be meeting with oil ministers of barbaric nations like Saudi Arabia simply to line its profit margins with extra shekels.

California has decided that it is now the enemy of America. God will judge California and these Marxist legislators, as will the American people. Something has to be done, outside of firing shots at these traitors; because if a change is not made soon it will result in an outright bloody Civil War in America.

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Anonymous No. 4230 2017-06-25 : 03:21

Someone please nuke California

Anonymous No. 4231 2017-06-25 : 03:30

Every single state of the union can block a federal law if it is deemed racist, etc according to the constitution, are you saying that you don't approve of the constitution and that Trump can act as a dictator and issue any laws and orders that he pleases, that is unamerican asshole

the list goes on, try looking yourself

Anonymous No. 4237 2017-06-25 : 06:21

I support a single fascist leader

We need Hitler

Anonymous No. 4239 2017-06-25 : 07:39

Hitler failed. We need the new face of NatSoc.

Anonymous No. 4242 2017-06-25 : 09:27

Heil Hitler

Anonymous No. 4243 2017-06-25 : 09:28


Anonymous No. 4244 2017-06-25 : 09:28

Check Out These Dubs

Anonymous No. 4273 2017-06-25 : 17:20

Hitler was a coward, so i can see how you'd get them confused

Anonymous No. 4294 2017-06-25 : 21:17

Hitler is the greatest man to ever live

Anonymous No. 4401 2017-06-27 : 18:53

Sorry, you wrote Hitler and Man in the same sentence, please in future get the species right, I believe you mean. Hitler was the first member of an entirely new species of rodentia, scumbagius cowardius, there, much better.

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