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MORE PEDO BUSTS! ‘A Current Affair’ Reporter Ben McCormack Arrested

Ben McCormack, a popular reporter from A Current Affair, has been linked to a pedophile ring and arrested.

International Law Enforcement was deep into an investigation of a child sex trafficking network when they were lead to investigating a specific suspected child rapist in Western Australia.

What was netted from that investigation uncovered phone records, computer files and other information about the ring, which allegedly included school teachers and Mr. McCormack.

The information was then shared with police across the country, and led to the arrest of a West Australian Catholic primary school teacher.

In early February the investigation into the child rapist lead to 35 additional charges against him. It's unclear if he cooperated with authorities to bring down a larger network.

Mr. McCormack, 42, was arrested in Sydney, Australia, and is now charged with two counts of using a carriage service for child pornography material.

Police in New South Wales allege McCormack engaged in explicit conversations with and about underage children with another adult male and discussed the purchase and sale of child pornography.

Mr. McCormack was released on bail and was later admitted to a private hospital by his attorneys for “rehabilitation”.

He is now scheduled for preliminary hearings on the Fourth of July.


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Anonymous No. 4226 2017-06-24 : 23:41

It's possible that this may be linked to the big ring that was recently captured, though it's not been publically linked, of the bigger one there's a possibility of more but they staying low key.

By the way RP, well done on this one it's newer and more accurate.

Topiary No. 4227 2017-06-25 : 01:23

This is a little late. He was suspended from his job after this came to light in April!

Anyway, curious that a program that often enjoys harrassing criminals, particularly pedophiles, employed one. No media spectacle now though…

Lonelylayers919 No. 4241 2017-06-25 : 08:58

R4\/\/R XDDD

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