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Dr. A True Ott Interviews Cynthia McKinney - A Goldwater Simulcast

Who is Cynthia McKinney?

Let's do a rundown about the history of the controversial Congresswoman and former Green Party Presidential Candidate.

Cynthia McKinney started her life out in 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia. Daughter to a retired nurse and a law enforcement officer who was also a State Representative.

Her father, Billy McKinney was a civil rights activist as Cynthia was maturing through adolescence. He participated in various activism in the Civil Rights Movement all across the Southern states. She was molded by the movement and often times inspired by what she had witnessed.

Mckinney then went on to attend the University of Southern California where she received a B.A in International Relations. and an M.A. in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Early in her career she was a teacher, and an eventual University Professor.

McKinney aspired to be like her father however, and eventually drifted into politics. Her political career began in 1986 when her father, a representative in the Georgia House of Representatives, submitted her name as a write-in candidate for the Georgia state house. Although McKinney didn't win the seat as a write-in candidate she was still able to manage to obtain 40% of the popular vote.

Then in 1988 Cynthia decided to once again run for the same seat. This time she was victorious in her aspirations and thus had made history becoming the first father and daughter to simultaneously serve in the Georgia State House.

In 1991 however she spoke increasingly against the Gulf War, which prompted many legislators to leave the chamber in protest. This was the beginning of what would eventually be a staunch anti war narrative Cynthia would continue to push through her career.

McKinney is know to take the same anti-war stance even against brutal dictators, which given the results of Iraq, Libya, and Syria these days, probably for the best. It's not certain what drove her to the conclusions but it is known she has heavily pushed the idea that Israel and a Jewish Conspiracy is behind much of the Middle Eastern conflicts.

Such Anti Semitic remarks from Cynthia were quite common during her career, and only one aspect of what has created controversial clouds of “conspiracy theories” from following her through life.

After Tupac Shakur was killed, Cynthia claimed that the United States Federal Government had somehow participated in an assassination of the popular rapper.

She even used her position as a Congresswoman to try and have documents on Tupac unsealed and released to the public.

She also made vast conspiratorial claims about Martin Luther King Jr., suggesting that James Earl Ray was not the lone gunman who killed the iconic black figure.

Cynthia McKinney started peddling the idea that the Government had a secret plot to kill MLK in order to prevent a black messiah from rising up. As crazy as it may sound she genuinely believes this.

Her insanity driven claims go even further in stating that the United States had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and that US President George W. Bush may have been aware and allowed them to happen.

Her logic behind this was George W. Bush’s, George HW Bush, had business interests to gain from the attacks. She stated, “It is known that President Bush's father, through The Carlyle Group, had–at the time of the attacks–joint business interests with the bin Laden construction company and many defense industry holdings, the stocks of which have soared since September 11.”

Cynthia McKinney joined with the 9/11 Truther Movement, and such became the downfall of her Congressional career temporarily. After ten years in Congress, she was defeated in 2002 during the Primaries.

She would run again in 2004 and somehow win the victory over her opponents even with such controversies swirling about her opinions. She had been vindicated and returned to office.

That victory was short lived though, after she punched a Capitol Hill Police Officer who attempted to stop her from going into a restricted area of the Capitol because she was not wearing her ID pin and the officer did not recognize her. She claimed the Officer should have knew who she was, which is absurd to begin with. 535 members of Congress walk through that area and it's impossible to memorize every face.

After Hurricane Katrina however, Cynthia would once again gain the spotlight making claims that the US Military had shot and killed 5,000 black men and women and dumped their bodies into the bayou.

Such claims sparked outrage and many disavowed her for making them. Cynthia being brazen as ever honestly believed every word of the outlandish remarks as if they were factual.

She's also heavily supported the Impeachment of George W. Bush during his Presidency. On countless occasions she called for his impeachment.

In 2006 she introduced the Articles of Impeachment for then President George W. Bush, stating, “George Walker Bush in preparing the invasion of Iraq, did withhold intelligence from the Congress, by refusing to provide Congress with the full intelligence picture that he was being given, by redacting information and actively manipulating the intelligence on Iraq’s alleged weapons programs by pressuring the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies.”

Among these conspiracy theories she also believes vaccines exist to genocide black people despite Whites and Latinos also receiving them. She's also stated that DNA collection is part of a large conspiracy to annihilate blacks.

In the 2008 Presidential Campaign she would go on to be the Nominee for the Green Party.

She announced her bid on July 15, 2007, at the Green Party National Meeting in Reading, Pennsylvania, where she suggested that the Green Party could become a progressive political force.

She said to the crowd that, “The disgust of the American people with what they see before them. All they need is the blueprint and a road map. Why not have the Green Party provide the blueprint and the road map?" She of course lost that campaign but if she were successful she would have been the first Female President, the first African American President, and the first Green Party President.

After the Boston Marathon Bombings Cynthia didn't hesitate to push radical conspiracies about police having a bomb drill on the same day as the attacks. She said such that a “familiar pattern was emerging” which is a reference to the types of claims you here from kooky halfwit goons on late night youtube conspiracy shows. Remember everything is a false flag and nothing is real to these people.

She believes that every Muslim Terrorist Attack is an inside job by the CIA and MKULTRA. She once said, "If it's a terrorist act and the culprit yells Allahu Akbar, know that's CIA-speak for 'We did it!'

Recently she's been a strong advocate of President Trump via Twitter. She believes Pizzagate is real and that Trump needs to arrest and shutdown the Deep State controlled pedophile and sec trafficking rings.

She's written statements such as "Drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.! Arrest those pedophiles!" Confirming that she is indeed a supporter of President Trump and a believer in Pizzagate. She's been re-tweeting smear stories about Clinton and other celebrities for weeks now.

She has a knack for attacking Israel, which she accuses most GOP and Democratic members of Congress of being “Zionist Puppets”. Much of her rhetoric is devoted to the attacks on Israel and she has quite a following on Twitter supporting her suggestions.

She's definitely got a temperament that seems be a mixture of Alex Jones and the X-Files. I'm not saying she's wrong, I'm merely telling you what she's stated in the past. In fact there's a chance she's correct about some of it.

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Anonymous No. 4220 2017-06-24 : 20:07

10/10 Interview

Anonymous No. 4225 2017-06-24 : 23:33

Articles of impeachment introduced

At the end of the 2006 legislative session, McKinney introduced articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush Failure to uphold the constitution

Active manipulation by pressuring the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies.

Abuse of office and executive privilege, "obstructing and hindering the work of Congressional investigative bodies and by seeking to expand the scope of the powers of his office."

Interesting that she now supports a man who by rights should be under going a similar situation

Smear campains, deranged theories, racism

false allegations

re-tweeting smear stories about Clinton and other celebrities for weeks

She believes that every Muslim Terrorist Attack is an inside job by the CIA and MKULTRA. She once said, "If it's a terrorist act and the culprit yells Allahu Akbar, know that's CIA-speak for 'We did it!'

I feel medication might help, maybe she could ask Trump

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