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OUTRAGEOUS: Pedophiles Invite Kids to Their Festival!

Parents take an exceptional response to sick perverts who harm children, especially child sex predators.

That didn't stop a charity in Keyworth United's ground, Nottinghamshire, from inviting kids to mingle with pedophiles during a festival however.

Parents are absolutely raging at the fact that they weren't told this charity, The Safer Living Foundation, which says it aims to help people who are 'sexually attracted to children', was to raise money for twisted sex offenders.

The parents said they were given flyers and posters for a festival for a children's event that offered bouncy castles, face painting, putt-putt golf, capture the flag, and an 'It's a Knockout' style assault course.

Several dozen local residents who attended the festival say it was not made clear where the proceeds were going, with some claiming they would never have gone if they had known.

The parents and the community it took to social media infuriated over the misleading promotion of the charity. They also condemned the charity's decision to raise money from families.

One mother, Grace Le Sueur, commented, “As a parent I am disgusted that they didn't make people aware of what the charity actually supported. It's plain wrong. Family fun days shouldn't be about supporting such charities.”

Another mother of four stated, “I wish we had never gone. If I'd have known this I certainly wouldn't have. I'm surprised they hosted it.”

Amy Curzon, a single mother commented, “It clearly states on their website that they do work on prevention but also that the try and rehabilitate people who have already offended. I can't believe that family fun days are allowed to support such charities!”

Helen Joyce said, “I am disgusted at this, and so glad I didn't go. Sex offenders of any sort shouldn't be allowed to walk this planet let alone have families support them. Complete joke!”

A father of four Michael Robert's said, “I know victims of paedophilia and they would be very offended by this. These people can ruin lives and the victims don't get a second chance.”

It was apparent that the entire community was ready to vent against the charity. What kind of sick and twisted group invites children to an event being held to raise money for pedophiles to begin with?

In the United Kingdom, The Safer Living Foundation is a joint venture between Nottingham Trent University, HMP Whatton, the National Probation Service (East Mids), Nottinghamshire Police and Circles UK Representatives.

On The Safer Living Foundation website, it states; “We work with many individuals who are at risk of sexual offending or who have been convicted of a sexual offence. These individuals include those that have intellectual disability, are elderly, have very little or no support and/or who are sexually attracted to children and/or adolescents.”

Professor Belinda Winder, a co-founder of the Safer Living Foundation and Head of the Sexual Offenses, Crime and Misconduct Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University, said, “The Safer Living Foundation works to reduce the number of victims of sexual abuse. The charity supports the rehabilitation and treatment of sexual offenders to reduce the likelihood of them ever re-offending. The money raised from the family fun day will go towards a new "prevention project", one of the first in the UK which will seek to provide psychological treatment to those who have never committed a sexual offence but are concerned they may do in the future.”

She went on to defend the actions of the pro-pedophile group stating, “It was made clear that the money raised was going to the Safer Living Foundation, but we're sorry that some people weren't aware of the charity's aims. We work to protect children, adults and communities because we know that sexual abuse destroys lives and devastates families.”

Such groups should be banned and their leaders should be imprisoned. There is no cure for pedophilia except death.


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Anonymous No. 4201 2017-06-24 : 13:57

I know you have a pedo fetish RP, and of course agree that what was done was wrong, but get some new, news, this one is from april, though at least it was this year I suppose

Anonymous No. 4207 2017-06-24 : 15:28

kek maybe he should invent some fake news eh faggot?

Anonymous No. 4208 2017-06-24 : 15:37

The Jews infiltrateeed us again~~!!!

Anonymous No. 4214 2017-06-24 : 17:09

Why not, he invents most, steals, some and gets the rest wrong, by the way i'm white, christian(in theory) and hetero, why are you so desperate to believe i'm some gay jew and probably a liberal shill? can't you handle other concepts or maybe it's a secret fetish you have.. is that it, don't want some gay jew to tie you up and then tell you how wrong you are while they count cash, uh oh, i better not say any more, you might need more windex for your keyboard!

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