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The Fire Rises as Investigations Bring Down Liberal House Of Cards

It's been a tumultuous year full of lies and disparaging myths perpetuated by the left stream media and their failing political narratives.

Some call it the “Trump Curse”, that anyone and everyone who stands within President Trump's path gets destroyed and even haunted thereafter.

During the campaign season we witnessed an actual criminal, Hillary Clinton, defy prosecution and indictments due to an Obama-Lynch shutdown of any and all legitimate criminal investigation into what for any other American would have resulted in them being incarcerated.

Such a gross miscarriage of justice fueled the rage on both sides of the political spectrum. Those on the left who knew Hillary Clinton alongside Debbie Wasserman Schultz robbed Bernie Sanders (or any opposition candidate in the party) from a fair chance at a nomination for President were furious. Those on the right were enraged (and are still quite pissed) that Hillary Clinton was somehow able to cheat and lie and avoid prosecution altogether.

Justice has a strange way of creeping back sometimes though, and karma most certainly bites you back when you least expect it. Call it what you will but the “Trump Curse” is now looking to the left like a thunderstorm just waiting to burst down powerful lightning bolts.

As the electric shield of defense is given amps to generate its intentions, all of the claims made towards President Trump about Russia and hacking were in fact just a deflection from the left the entire time to cover up its own failures and illegal activities.

Earlier this year we found out President Obama and the intelligence community was secretly wiretapping the Trump Campaign and their offices.

Somehow by the Grace of God even with an unfair advantage in favor of the Democrats President Trump still defeated the Democratic Party’s Nominee.

Former President Obama is a disgrace and has been all but silent since it was exposed he used the Executive Branch to interfere himself in our own elections.

Consistently, however, President Trump has been destroying Obama's legacy of disastrous policies piece by piece and giving the power back to the people. Liberty and Justice for all.

Then came the harsh tones from the media, which continues to this day to base allegations on anonymous sources and pretend that they are legitimate.

First, President Trump fires James Comey, the disgraced FBI Director who has sought to protect Hillary Clinton via Loretta Lynch and President Obama time after time. The left pushed their typical crybaby narratives over the termination and sent smoke signals into the sky.

It turns out however the fire was within their own buildings, and President Trump was vindicated once James Comey testified and admitted he may have actually broken Federal Law by stealing memorandums from the FBI while he was employed on the taxpayer dime then leaking them to the media. Comey may find himself on the stand, next time as a defendant.

With that testimony, the entire Russia conspiracy was blown out of the water, and President Trump being ever so patient proved again he did nothing wrong.

Then the announcement came from the Senate Judiciary Committee that a new investigation was being reopened into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for what foreign governments have called an illegal interference in their sovereign policies.

Hillary Clinton used her own influence as Secretary of State to send top U.S. diplomats to pressure Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina and her son Sajeeb Wazed in an effort to kill that country’s corruption investigation of Yunus and Grameen Bank. Yunus was then managing director of the state-owned Bangladesh Bank.

The reasons behind her manipulation tactics were that the Clinton Foundation has close financial ties to Yunis, and she directly interfered with a sovereign using Government resources to benefit her for-profit allies. Justice is coming to Hillary, soon.

Then came Bernie Sanders, who has been ousting harsh attacks against the President since his election. Bernie is a fan favorite of the criminal Anarcho-Communist left such as ‘Antifa” and T” he Resistance”, to which earlier this year Bernie told them to “Ramp up the attacks against President Trump”.

In fact, they actually did, and James Hodgkinson, a Bernie campaign volunteer now proven to have visited Bernie’s office, actually committed domestic terrorism by targeting Republican lawmakers at the now infamous Congressional Baseball Practice in Virginia.

Today a bombshell, however, has rocked Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane, as allegations into their illegal pressuring of a bank to forego a loan to benefit Ms. Sanders’ own interests for Burlington College.

It is now confirmed the Sanders is not only under a criminal investigation by the FBI, but each of them has hired high-profile defense attorneys.

Karma is real, and victory has never been so bittersweet.

President Trump will have the last laugh though, and as he enjoys the savoring taste of endless victory he can sit back with a smug face and watch the house of cards built by the left collapse. They had certainly better be prepared, however, that fall to hell is a deep one and there's most certainly a lake of fire awaiting them once they're judged.

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Anonymous No. 4189 2017-06-24 : 06:27

Pretty opinionated piece that it might as well be a commentary, but its good to see an encouraging voice speak up about this.

Can't wait for the Trump curse to claim its next victim (posting in-updated version)

Anonymous No. 4203 2017-06-24 : 14:32

I love the way you have twisted virtually every fact to fit your agenda, I actually kind of pity you at times, I mean some things you have literally reversed to fit in, others you have used the fact that investigations in process cannot be revealed to accuse people that 'by law' are literally forbidden from revealing information, it must have hurt not to be able to wedge that pedo story, you have such a worriesome interest ito the mix. or, perhaps you forgot? I know, tell you what, waddle off to the toilet, flush yourself, order takeout, maybe try remembering what sleep is, don't worry, the tinfoil will protect. rested? right now try again, but less massive distortion, ok… oh, and see if you can glue in that pedo thing you love so much.

Anonymous No. 4293 2017-06-25 : 21:16

The Poster Above Me Is a Kike Faggot Communist

Anonymous No. 4336 2017-06-26 : 16:48

First the travel ban victory and now this.


Anonymous No. 4337 2017-06-26 : 16:59

you really love those gay jewish communists :)

wrong way round,

winning what? a partial temporary permission isn't a win, at best it's 50/50 for 90 days

Anonymous No. 4419 2017-06-28 : 02:40

Gas All Commies

Anonymous No. 4424 2017-06-28 : 03:41

Trump'll be upset, that's Putin you're talking about

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