By: Savannah Smith | 11-09-2016 | News
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Trump Magnanimous In Exhilarating Victory Thanks Rival Clinton

In probably the most historical night of his life, the man his critics dismissed as sexist, racist and all things horrible and nasty, a victorious Donald Trump appeared the fine gentleman he truly was, and ready to be a good statesman as well.

Addressing his supporters shortly after it was apparent that he convincingly won in the election that indeed shook the nation and the world, the incoming 45th President of the great United States of America started his speech by acknowledging the call of his rival and defeated foe Hillary Clinton. And this is where the public saw a glimpse of the true Mr. Donald Trump.

If during the campaign, the Republican nominee consistently refer to Clinton as " crooked Hillary" and that " nasty woman", in his victory speech, Mr. Trump referred to Clinton as " Secretary Clinton". He gave credit to Clinton for congratulating not just him but " us", how it was " about us" while gesturing to the crowd. Mr. Trump also thanked and congratulated Clinton and her family for a hard fought battle.

If during the campaign, Trump the candidate matched the criticisms thrown against him and attacked Hillary for her lack of her accomplishments in her 30 years of public service; in the victory speech, no longer as candidate Trump but the next President of the United States of America, Mr. Trump gave credit to Hillary for her long and hard work of public service. Mr. Trump even acknowledged that the public owe Hillary a major debt of gratitude for her service.

Sounding sober, sincere and magnanimous in his monumental victory, Mr. Trump also reached out to every one from all political leanings and parties, be it Democrat, Republican and Independent saying it is now time to heal the wounds of division.

Mr. Trump also reached out even to those who openly opposed him admitting that he would need great help in making America great again. It seems a hint at an openness, if not an outright invite for everyone to join him and work with him- friends or foes alike.

Still seemingly overwhelmed by the election turn out and grateful for the support he never doubted from the start leading to his triumph, Mr. Trump reserved his biggest thanks to American voters for the amazing movement they were a part of. He reiterated his plans and renewed his promised to the people who gave them their huge trust.

We have seen Trump the candidate in his fiercest fighting form as he gave it his best to win it for the people. Now, what we saw in the short but sweet victory speech is but just a glimpse and preview of what we could see in the next four years- President Trump as mature, still determined, sensible, sensitive, inspiring, inclusive - marks of a great leader.

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