By: Savannah Smith | 11-09-2016 | News
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Putin Looks Forward to Better U.S.-Russia Relations With President-Elect Trump

Could the road to peace begin with the end of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections for U.S. and Russia?

Prospects for better relations between these two powerful but embattled nations suddenly turned rosy with the results of the U.S. election that shocked the world. Russia was one of the first nations to quickly and substantially greet the incoming 45th American President Donald Trump on his victory.

With Trump's ascent to the White House, President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the bilateral relations between his country and the U.S. will be restored, noting also that it was the same sentiment expressed by Trump on his campaign.

Still hinting of his displeasure with the current U.S. administration, Putin said that given the level of degradation in the two countries' relations, the road to peace and better understanding would be tough and difficult. Putin said it was not his country's fault that the relations are as they stand now.

Putin, however, expressed confidence for better dialogue between Moscow and Washington to tackle the " burning issues on the international agenda and to search for better responses to the challenges of the global security."

Senator Aleksey Pushkov, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, however, could not help but take a swipe at Hillary Clinton and how she handled issues with Russia through out her campaign.

The Russian senator said that playing the Russian card and projecting Putin as the bad guy backfired on Clinton as it only succeeded in sowing fear, and in the end did her campaign more harm.

Many observers assess current U.S. and Russian relations at being at its lowest since the Cold War, and much misunderstanding and exchange of accusations the past months have only made things worse.

Maybe under a Trump presidency and finally talking as equals, things can take a sharp turn for the better between these two nations, proving true the words of a Putin ally during the campaign that a Trump presidency would mean peace between the U.S. and Russia.

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Anonymous No. 450 2016-11-13 : 04:51

Obama doesn't like Putin because he wants to eliminate the problem in the middle east and kill all of Obama's buddies.

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