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Senate Investigates Loretta Lynch After Soros’ Ties Surface

On Capitol Hill today a bipartisan group of Senators requested new information regarding Loretta Lynch reported attempts to interfere and potentially cover up the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Both Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent letters to Lynch, Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria, and employees of the Open Society Foundations, a George Soros based group, in order to review pertinent information they may have about Lynch.

There are several media reports that state Lynch privately assured Democrats the investigation would come to a halt. A sure sign she may have committed an illegal cover-up to protect Hillary Clinton.

The bipartisan Senate committee said that the FBI obtained hacked documents that showed Lynch assured Renteria, a Clinton Campaign staffer, that she would ensure the investigation leads to a dead end and that she would not “go too far.”

The FBI obtained this information in an email from former Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz which was sent Leonard Benardo of the Open Society Foundations, a controversial George Soros outfit.

Other media outlets, however, claim the documents hacked by the FBI could be unreliable and possibly fake, and Renteria has said Russians used her to spread the false information.

“The reports come amidst numerous allegations of political inferences in controversial and high-profile investigations spanning the current and previous administrations,” the Senate committee said in a statement.

The now famously fired FBI Director James Comey cited the email as one of the key reasons behind his decision to publicly announce the end of the investigation into Clinton’s emails, and was later used as justification by President Donald Trump to fire Comey.

This is most certainly heating up to be a debacle the likes of Watergate if not even more serious.

We now know without a shadow of a doubt George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation was not only in direct contact with Loretta Lynch through different mouthpieces in the investigation but it certainly seems his group was doing so to benefit Hillary Clinton.

Such an opinion is already believed on the right but now there is hardcore evidence supporting this claim.

The real question is who will be brought to justice and will George Soros be named as an enemy of the state? If not there's a gross miscarriage of justice occurring.

All of the talk about Russian interference and zero evidence and yet there's crystal clear evidence showing this vile Globalist scum definitely had his hands in the cookie jar. He may have even run off with the entire jar had President Trump not been elected.


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Anonymous No. 4170 2017-06-24 : 00:51

Does that mean you'll investigate Trump's dealings with the Gambinos?

Anonymous No. 4172 2017-06-24 : 01:29

No, it means we are investigating Loretta Lynch for her meddling in the election.

Anonymous No. 4176 2017-06-24 : 03:39

Oh, you mean like the russians did.

and sorry you said 'we', who? coldspurter, b8chum? please, you couldn't investigate your way to your front door without heavy medication, a helper dog, gps and a fucking recon team

Actually Ijust saw something funny, fakes news, you know, trumps anus had an interview about hate comments, etc and saying how horrible and mean it was to pick on poor little trump and a couple of the others, it's funny how he and they were smiling and joking when it was the same plus actual death threats, etc at anyone who opposed them. so in the eyes of herr drumpf it's ok to be vicious and evil to others just not to him and his.. where have i heard that before? oh 1930's & 1940's Germany, big smile, biiiiiigg smile

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