By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-08-2016 | News
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Paul Ryan Confident His House Speaker Position is Secure

Regardless of the results of the election, it is widely perceived that Paul Ryan is in danger of losing his position as the Speaker of the House. Despite this notion, Ryan is confident that his speakership is still secured.

During the weeks leading up to the election, Ryan has found himself in the crossfire between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Despite being a member of the GOP, he could still end up being removed from his current position if Donald Trump gets elected into office, according to Politico.

That’s because both Trump and Ryan had clashed on so many points already. Even though he recently said that he will still support Trump, the presidential candidate still doubts his loyalty to the party.

But, if Ryan’s role as Speaker of the House under Trump’s administration is questionable, things could get worse for him if Hillary Clinton wins. Aside from serving a president from a different political faction, Ryan strongly believes that Clinton is unfit to be a leader. In addition, he also denounced the type of political leadership that Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton employs because of its self-serving nature.

However, despite these unfavorable scenarios, Ryan strongly believes that whoever becomes the next president, he will still remain as the House Speaker. His confidence stems from his relationship with the other members of the House. He knows that the other representatives are aware that Ryan takes his duties as Speaker of the House very seriously.

“I feel very good where I am,” he said during his appearance at a Republican Party office in Wisconsin.

“I’ve gotten such a great outpouring of support from members,” he added. “They know I took the job as a sense of duty, that duty is not done, and I plan on continuing doing that duty.”

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