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Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base and ET's?

There's a popular belief in the Ohio Valley that Wright Patterson Air Force Base is a location where extraterrestrial craft, and even the bodies of the aliens which were recovered after the Roswell crash, is being housed in the facility.

Rumors from former employees have spread like wildfire across the region to suggest that such technologies may be in the possession of the United States Government. Only those with high level security clearances would be authorized to actually see advanced technological machinery however.

The infamous Roswell incident in 1947 began the folklore that the US government has stored debris and artifacts from crashed flying saucers, and even bodies of the small, alien crew members of the downed space ships.

Much of the evidence of these crash retrievals leads to Dayton, Ohio, and Wright-Patterson's Hangar-18. Is there truth to these beliefs and allegations?

The average individual believes yes. When the locals were polled an outstanding 87% believe that the Air Force Base and it's historic Hangar-18 actually has recovered extraterrestrial craft inside of it.

The base itself has a long and illustrious history.

Named after the Wright Brothers, the grounds were originally called Wilbur Wright Field.

In 1917 it was opened to train military personnel during the first World War. Soon, Fairfield Air Depot was created adjacent to Wright Field. In 1924, McCook Field test facility was closed, and the Dayton community purchased 4,500 acres which housed the various facilities. This took in the previously leased land of Wright Field, and the Wright and Fairfield facilities were combined into one. The newly created facility was named after the innovators of flight, the Wright Brothers.

On July 6, 1931, the area east of Huffman Dam, which included Wilbur Wright Field, Fairfield Air Depot, and the Huffman Prairie was renamed Patterson Field. This was to honor the memory of Lt.

Frank Stuart Patterson. Patterson died in 1918, when a plane he was flying a test in, crashed after its wings separated from the craft. In 1948, the fields were merged under one name, Wright-Patterson AFB.

Wright Patterson has always been one of the nation's leading bases to engineer advanced military technology. The Air Force Institute of Technology, supporting the Air Force and the Department of Defense, are both located on the base. The USAF's National Air & Space Intelligence Center is also part of Wright-Patterson.

During the cold war the base is publicly known as being the official center for the reverse engineering of enemy vehicles and aircraft.

Such experimental research was conducted upon crashed and recovered enemy weapons in order to advance the arsenal of the United States armed forces.

There's close to 30,000 employees on the grounds. Some military and some civilian contractors. The United States spends billions on the base and it's exclusive capabilities.

However Wright-Patterson is renowned in the conspiracy community for its connection to the alleged Roswell crash.

Locals and families of military personnel and even civilian workers who handled debris from the Roswell crash claim to have seen the bodies of creatures not of our world, and those who were employed at Wright-Patterson connect it to the study of alien technology and physiology.

The same day that the famous Roswell headlines ran in newspapers around the world, there was an enormous amount of activity at AFB. Individuals have claimed that most of the crashed aircraft and the bodies of the extraterrestrials wound up in Wright-Patterson's Hangar-18.

A legend was born from this belief, and thousands of former employees have confirmed this to be a reality. The United States Government however has adamantly denied such craft or bodies were ever recovered let alone that they were transported to Hangar-18.

There is much eyewitness testimony concerning the secrets of Wright-Patterson's extraterrestrial history.

It comes from military personnel, children of eyewitnesses, close friends, and coworkers of those intimately involved with crash debris wreckage and/or alien bodies. Some of these stories have only emerged in the last few years.

A Canadian Ufologist related the following account. He received it first hand from a gentleman whose father served at Roswell. The man's story begins in 1957. He and his father went to see the sci-fi classic, "Earth vs. The Flying Saucers." After the movie had ended, they began their journey home. As they drove along, he noticed that his father was uncharacteristically quiet. Finally, the silence was broken when his father said, "They were too big." This was obviously a reference to the aliens depicted in the film.

The man's father then told his long kept secret. In 1947, he had been stationed at Wright Field. He was a member of a film unit there. One day, he and a fellow worker were summoned by an officer to get their 16mm movie cameras and follow him. The two workers were led by the officer to a heavily guarded airplane hangar, more than likely Hangar-18, although the man's father did not say. Inside the hangar, they were shocked to see a badly damaged, circular spacecraft. There was debris from the UFO wreckage scattered over a large area, on a canvas tarp. The officer instructed the two cameramen to take film of anything and everything in sight. The two men discharged their duties in due fashion.

Upon finishing this first assignment, they were then summoned to the very rear of the hanger. They were taken inside of a refrigeration unit there.

The man's father told his son that he was stunned to see two storage bins which held the bodies of two small alien creatures! The beings were very thin, gray in color, with large eyes, but no eyelids. One of these beings had obviously suffered bodily damage, while the other showed no apparent signs of injury.

A popular UFO researcher, Thomas J. Carey, coauthor of "Witness to Roswell" states that, "We believe some of the stuff was loaned around, but the main repository was the foreign technology division at Wright-Patterson. "We've heard stories over the years of people who say that they're still trying to figure out what that stuff is."

Carey among other researches suggest that the technology is so advanced that the United States has only just began to unlock the secrets hidden within. They give the suggestion that modern technology such as smartphones and tablets and 4k televisions were all reverse engineering achievements from the technology which originated from outside Earth.

They also believe that the United States holds crucial classified weaponry that has been reverse engineered from this technology. Will we ever know? That much remains unseen, but the truth is out there.


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Anonymous No. 4153 2017-06-23 : 22:31

Source is book by life-long UFO whack job Thomas J. Carey

The story is another 'a friend of a friend, etc'

translation, no proof, loads of exaggeration(like RP's quals), drunken ramblings, "it was here, honest", and so on…

In other words an ideal fairy story for little RP's bedtime, night, night.

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