By: Savannah Smith | 06-23-2017 | News
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Ohio Breaking: Thunderbird F-16 Crashes at Dayton International

A U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds F-16 practicing for an airshow has been involved in an accident and crashed at Dayton International Airport in Ohio. The aircraft involved was one of the team’s Block 52 F-16Ds which are normally used for media flights, camera ships, and as spare/stand-ins for the team’s six-ship demonstration.

The initial reports say that a gust of wind may have affected the aircraft in some way, resulting in it being turned over off the airport’s movement areas. The weather could have been a factor as local CBS affiliate WHIO reported that there was “heavy rain in the area at that time. Rainfall rates were said to be in the vicinity exceeding two inches per hour.” There were also strong winds at the time of the crash.

A pilot and someone else were onboard the aircraft at the time of the crash. There are no reported fatalities for now. The conditions of the pilot and his passenger remain unclear, though.

Based from the footage of the WHIO’s livestream, the jet could be seen totally in an upside-down position and laying on its spine.

Due to the crash, CBS reported that there has been an effect on flights causing delays in the airport.

Just two days ago, another F-16 crashed during takeoff from Ellington Field in Texas.



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Anonymous No. 4150 2017-06-23 : 20:30

That's an F-22.

Anonymous No. 4151 2017-06-23 : 20:31

That is a picture of a F-22, you retarded sack of shit. Jim needs to get this stupid website and these ads off of 8ch.

Anonymous No. 4155 2017-06-23 : 22:40

Don't worry SS, RP and the rest will be coming out with more fakery, apparentely their parents are incredibly proud that their kids became racist, sexist, fact twisting whores that would do anything for money, that's why they heroically use other peoples pictures, names, etc. even the site creator hides behind false ids at times, and he couragiously peers round his bodyguards, when hes not vaping away in a secure studio

Anonymous No. 4199 2017-06-24 : 13:50


The guy above me has no idea what anonymous image board culture is about or is a paid shill

Anonymous No. 4200 2017-06-24 : 13:53

>>No. 4151

>Jim needs to get this stupid website and these ads off of 8ch.

Ungrateful fuck. When you decide to pay for the website you can control how it operates. Until then shut the fuck up.

Waiting for Obi... No. 4205 2017-06-24 : 15:12

The guy above me has no idea what anonymous image board culture is about or is a paid shill

Ahhh, Professor, do enlighten us on why we don't understand, and why therefore we are verboten from taking the piss out of the preoud sponsor of racist, sexist, etc articles made by his staff. Please elucidate

We're all waiting for 'YOUR' explanation (no copying please)

QUIET AT THE BACK, The Prof's about to speak.

over to you….

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