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The media outlet that is best known for espousing anti-Trump and anti-Republican bias published an op-ed that works against their liberal narrative when it comes to the current state of feminism. That's right; I'm talking about CNN. Left-wing professors with degrees in feminism-related studies insist that women have been held back by the patriarchy and want the rest of the world to believe they are seeking equality. When in reality, women on the left such as the author of this op-ed are perfectly content to use their sexuality as a weapon when it suits them.

Picking and choosing when it matters that your a woman is very convenient and seems to fly in the face of the idea that they are against people being co-opted and controlled by suggesting that if women withheld sex, then they could force their political views. The author suggests women around the United States turn against their partners and use sex as a bargaining chip in the political arena by going on a "sex strike" unless their demands are met.

The author, Wednesday Martin, wrote, "It’s time for a revolution. At the polls, and in the bedroom. And in our understanding of who women are, sexually and otherwise. Given the tight interweaving of economic and political power with sexual entitlement, female sexual autonomy has never been more urgent, and women’s sexual pleasure has never been more political. Let’s consider what it might mean to go on a sex strike of sorts — to get what we want, rather than give what we think we owe others."

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What happened to the war against objectifying women? Martin, a woman, seems perfectly content to acknowledge their sexual differences are indeed to staunch that they could be mobilized to exact political change. Martin goes on to write,

"Sex and status are linked. Where men have the tightest grip on resources and power, our society (including the women in their lives) will prioritize their pleasure — and create false narratives about what women deserve, sexually and otherwise. To wit: in 2018, the number of female CEOs of US Fortune 500 companies dropped 25%, to 24 women total among hundreds of men leading industry, tech, manufacturing, and other sectors. On a more workaday level, according to World Bank data cited by, the US ranks an unimpressive 76th out of 180 countries worldwide for female labor force participation."

What about the fact that more men are homeless, do more poorly than women in school, fill more prisons, and larger numbers of men are victims of violent crime? Or how about the fact that men have been instrumental in bringing about the freedom we enjoy today by dying in wars or inventing revolutionary technology that empowers women such as hygiene products? We can go tit-for-tat with which sex has it worse all day, the reality is that the majority of men aren't US Fortune 500 CEOs, so why is that even relevant?

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Martin doesn't stop there; she takes it a step further by adding race to the equation,

"American women, particularly women of color, continue to earn a fraction of the dollar that white men do — 63 cents for black women; 55 for Native women; 54 for Latinas. Even worse, we are 104th out of 193 countries ranked for female political participation (beaten out by Namibia, Burundi, and Belarus, among others). These numbers are astonishingly low when we consider that the US is the world’s largest economy. Those who can’t lead or even earn on par must serve. And in America, in restaurants, in businesses, and in bed, it is women who serve men."

The ridiculous part of the whole idea is that Martin herself admits that using sex as a way of enacting change is not the answer to gendered inequalities. So what is it the answer for? I can tell you the answer; the answer is that Martin wants women to mobilize, withhold sex from their partners, and use the most sacred form of intimacy two humans can share as a bargaining chip. It sure sounds to me like she is objectifying women.

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Martin continues, "Resetting the balance, so women no longer provide service sex is not in itself a comprehensive answer to gendered inequalities, of course. But making sex female-focused and female-pleasure-centric could begin to force other shifts in thinking in important ways. When we cease to consider what women like and want as foreplay and reframe it as the main event, for example, we begin to challenge, from the most intimate and private and emotionally powerful place, a long-accepted, deeply believed but nearly invisible worldview, and make an impossible-to-miss statement about who and what counts."

"In the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, the character Lysistrata urges women to go on a sex strike to get men on both sides to end the Peloponnesian War. In our case, a sex strike against service sex can be a powerful statement — that female desire, a metric of agency like women’s votes, will be heard."

I don't even know what to say to this; I don't even know what Martin expects to hear? Good idea? Great job? If a "sex strike" were to take place, it would be more likely to ruin relationships that supposedly bring their partner around to their point of view. Here is a little secret coming from a man, if you want to withhold sex and use it as a bargaining chip then I refuse to play. I'll just flip over the gaming table on my way out and walk away. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

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Curtis of Montevallo No. 41216 1541318464

What sane man would want to have sex with a liberal woman? It's a self defeating plan!

BF No. 41221 1541325855

Wow..her suggestion demeans male and female. So feminism has brought us full circle to the age old manipulation tactic which makes women look weak and sneaky and men look weak and stupid. Giant step backward for humankind.

Anonymous No. 41225 1541328779


Now what bartering chip do girlfriends and wives have for meals, housing, entertainment, clothing, and etc.

BTW: does this include the SAME SEX couples.☺

Anonymous No. 41231 1541330435


Find yourself a sexy gunslinging God-fearing, patriot who says whatever she wants. Now that's a woman who needs no bartering.

Anonymous No. 41235 1541333900

So no sex for like two days?

Shecky Judenstein No. 41240 1541336436

if your husband is so pathetic that he can’t go the next three days without sex then he prolly wasn’t going to vote trump anyway

Anonymous No. 41241 1541336602



so much of this

Jeff Allen No. 41251 1541345473

Sounds to me like the cry babies, er snowflakes want their toys back and they want them NOW. Better off letting them hit the road. Plenty of fish in the sea…….I mean what guy doesn’t like to go fishing when it looks like things are going bad.

Anonymous No. 41253 1541346477


Anonymous No. 41254 1541346505

its cheat on your liberal wife month

Fredward No. 41259 1541347463


Just when I think the left can't get any more pathetic they surprise me.

Lol! No. 41271 1541360985

That`s funny. I feel like the Mrs. is on a constant strike 8-)

Yet we are both voting Republican & against all the tax hikes in our local Ca ballot. Strikes aside we each can see how badly this state has been wrecked.

They want us to voluntarily say ok to property & sales tax. We are told they need to keep the gasoline tax, already implemented against the voters will.

What happened to all the $ we give them already?

What happened to the Ca lotto taxes funding roads, schools & emergency services!

We realize these fat cat`s in power are completely misusing & getting rich off our super high taxation.

Without the Democrats cheating ways at the ballots, I guarantee you they would lose the House & Senate in California!

Richard Daugherty No. 41471 1541551101

Now the blowout will be even bigger than it was going to be!!

Jeff Allen No. 41616 1541687344

You know what the best thing about today is? It’s nationally , “ Hillary’s not president Day!”

Tab No. 41679 1541725041

and the leaky cunt bitches wonder why they get dumped.

john No. 41231 1541745441
Who needs women anymore. They are too expensive and too much trouble. It's much cheaper to spend a few thousand on a silicon doll and be rid of the worthless excess baggage anyway. After You marry them and have children with them they decide to dump you and the corrupt courts give them the house, cars, children, and make you pay child support and alimony; Who needs it anyway! Women are good for nothing and they hate men just because their men!
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