By: Savannah Smith | 11-08-2016 | News
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Lara Trump Looks Forward To Great Election Outcome For Her Father-In-Law Tonight

She was there from the very start and all through the grueling and bitterly fought campaign and as things culminate earlier with them casting their votes, Lara Trump could't help but feel a little overwhelmed but highly optimistic.

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law feels they will have every reason to celebrate tonight, anticipating great outcome from the election. Lara shared with Fox News how proud she is of her father-in-law because not only did he manage to remain standing despite all the odds he faced, but that he is winning in most states. She recalled that to think, many did not give Donald Trump a fighting chance at the start and attacked him viciously all through-out the campaign.

Lara said Donald Trump has effectively made history as he has created and inspired a movement when he decided to run and offered himself as the alternative candidate to Americans who are sick and tired of establishment politics. Lara underscored that Donald Trump was a successful businessman who sacrificed his personal life because the country is facing serious problems.

Lara particularly mentioned the country's debt situation, high unemployment, questionable aid the U.S. is giving to countries that hate America and where gallant American veterans are dying as some of the most pressing issues confronting the nation. Issues she said Hillary has failed to address.

Although she didn't want to talk about Hillary at this juncture, Lara still could not help but take a dig at her, saying the former secretary of state has no accomplishments to speak of in her 30 years in public service. Yet Lara said that when it comes to Hillary's criminal cases, she could go on and on, for hours on end, because of the depth of Hillary's complicity.

Lara also shared that just like how they have been together as a family the past almost two years of the election period facing all the challenges together, they will also await the Americans' verdict together. She is confident they will have more reason to celebrate when the results come in.

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