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Tennessee Trail Camera Captures Brutal Battle Between Bucks

Tennessee Wildlife and Rescue Officers Amy and Bubba Spencer captured a battle between two bucks on their trail camera in Hardeman County.

In an interview the Spencer's claim to believe the male deer were duking it out over nourishment within the area.

In a Vegan sense of taste deer are actually herbivores, so they feed on plants. It's known they commonly devour twigs or shrubs off trees, but also ingest food like acorns and fruit based from plants dependent upon how fresh they are by season.

In Tennessee white-tailed deer is the most popular big game animal. It's highly sought after by hunters due to their large antlers.

In the summer seasons the males are growing back their antlers, but they are covered in a velvet-like material like the bucks in the video.

Matt Cameron, a Tennessee Wildlife and Rescue officer, stated that bucks form bachelor groups together as their antlers are growing and testosterone levels are low in the spring and summer for defensive purposes.

He said that the bucks will typically get along well, however there is a "pecking order" within the group which is determined by the victor of their physical battles for leadership. He went on to suggest that often they will hit one another with their front hooves as opposed to using their antlers to fight.

Scientists have said that while antlers are sensitive and bucks are very protective of them, so they will instead fight with their hooves, as they do in this video.

During the winter months though, the bucks will remove the velvet coating to their antlers, exposing the hardened bone. Bucks will become intolerant of one another and exhibit aggressive behavior by fighting with their then hardened antlers.


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Anonymous No. 4109 2017-06-22 : 21:29

also relates to mating

Anonymous No. 4197 2017-06-24 : 13:21

Now THIS is real news!

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