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Photo credit: Courtesy: Lelo

Hilarious Company Response to Thief Stealing 30k Condoms And Dildos

In what seemingly was either an act of a sex addict who was broke and wanted protection, or a nymphomaniac who wanted to try and fit multiple dildos in his ass at once, a thief broke into a warehouse and stole 30,000 Condoms and crates of sex toys.

The warehouse belonged to a company in Las Vegas, Nevada, called Lelo. The company lost tens of thousands of dollars and their potential customers lost the ability to pleasure themselves to the maximum. Well, maybe they didn't lose the ability but there most certainly is a delay.

Lelo however had a positive attitude about the robbery. The company then decided to host an adult product giveaway where they would give away dildos and thousands of condoms.

On their website Lelo wrote an announcement saying “1000 HEX Condoms are up for grabs. If people are going to steal condoms*from us, we'll give them away for free. Because fuck crime.”

Lelo is asking for new customers to sign up for its mailing list to take part in the drawing. All of the media attention about the burglary have given the company some extra spice to promote itself, so it seems Lelo can recover much of the profit margin due to the robbery by attracting new customers.

Lelo has said the burglary did not affect its bottom line, but of course, it is continuing to help the police in the criminal investigation.

The sexual pleasure business then showed the security camera footage online to display the criminals who were responsible for the theft.

In the video you can see men breaking into the warehouse and stealing entire crates before throwing them into a vehicle they had backed through the loading dock doors. During the robbery however the thieves actually smashed out their rear window when they backed though the loading dock doors to break in.

Lelo joked online the robbers could have participated in the giveaway of condoms the brand had planned to host before the heist "instead of ruining the paintwork on a perfectly good SUV."

The losses from the theft included 33 remote-controlled, vibrating prostate massagers and 48 Kegel beads. Lelo jokingly stated that if the robbers were going to throw a party “we could have done the sponsorship or something. A friggin' invite might have been nice.”

Lelo urged anyone with information that could help catch the criminals or retrieve the stolen goods to contact the Las Vegas Police Department, and the company promised to donate the full retail value of the stolen products to the charity of the tipster's choice.

I'll leave you with the final statement from Lelo which they wrote, “With all of the sex toys the burglars stole, the criminals could happily go fuck themselves.”


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