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GOP #HealthcareBill Finally Released

The GOP has unveiled their highly anticipated replacement for Obamacare. After much secrecy and dedication it seems they finally have worked out the problematic issues that plagued the prior suggestions for a replacement.

Most notably it will finally repeal Obamacare taxes, restructure subsidies to insurance customers, and both phase out Medicaid's expansion program and cap Medicaid spending.

Republicans intend to have the bill to a vote before they break for the Fourth of July, which if passed will be a major victory for the GOP and President Trump.

A new 142-page bill that the GOP hopes will be passed into law, will stand reduce financial aid that for those who can obtain employment but choose not to, while at the same time gives a tax break to small businesses and corporations who will assist in providing healthcare options for their employees.

It also will remove restrictions that will now allow for private companies to provide more affordable options.

The bill would repeal the Obamacare rule requiring most Americans to have some form of health coverage or pay a tax penalty fine, which is something that all working Americans considered to be unfair and dictatorial.

It will also remove the "employer mandate," which requires large employers to offer health insurance to workers or be fined. Such policies have prevented small start up businesses from ever being able to lift off the ground under Obama due to overregulation and inconsistent statutes that kept those small businesses from succeeding.

To assist the poor for at least two years however, the bill keeps in place reimbursements to health insurance companies for subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket costs for low income customers of Obamacare plans.

The Federal Government's share of paying for Medicaid, which is cooperatively financed with individual states, would fall over the course of seven years to end up at around 57 percent of the cost of that program, which offers health coverage to the poor. This saves the government a ton of money in the long run and also is set to ensure states can manage their own policies outside of a Federal Mandate.

Top Senate GOP leaders insist to have a vote on the bill by late next week, before Congress' Fourth of July recess. They do not plan to hold any hearings on the legislation, infuriating Democrats, but they Democrats didn't win the election and such is the will of the people.

In order for the bill to pass, Republicans must get at least 50 GOP senators to vote for the bill, since no Democrat or independent is expected to vote for it. Vice President Mike Pence would break any tie, and would be expected to vote for the bill. There are 52 Republican senators.


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Anonymous No. 4086 2017-06-22 : 17:55

Republicans are in full control now!!


Anonymous No. 4087 2017-06-22 : 18:13

So don't check it's legality, force it through, and watch millions of underpaid Americans and unempleyed suffer. Such is the will of the rich people like Trump who don't care as long as they get the cash. Oh look, tax breaks as well, so that's only supply minimum health cover and wages to those who can least afford it, and get a tax rebate. Yeah, you really thought that one through RP

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