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How did the FBI review 650,000 emails in a week?

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton must be the luckiest person on earth, with few hours to go for the presidential election, she was luckily cleared by the FBI Sunday night after FBI director James Comey released a statement “that the FBI had no substantial evidence against her “ and thus they discharged her off the claims.

The American people was shocked a week ago after FBI said that emails pertinent to the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Email scandal were discovered on Anthony Wiener’s laptop, estranged husband of Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin.

The released FBI statement raise a lot of questions from any person who is politically conscious and critically thinking about the turn of events in the recent past; the whole issue raises a lot of question on the role of the FBI in the Democratic nominee’s campaign, the presidential election and the most importantly ,why the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton at such a time when the election is just around the corner.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has strongly reacted to the issue claiming that “it’s unjust and unethical”

Trump also remind the American people to open their eyes and be awaken to the fact that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is being protected by the rigged system.

Mr. James Comey said that the FBI had been working ‘round the clock to review the emails retrieved from Wiener’s device and yet didn't found any substantial evidence in Hillary Clinton email scandal.

However, this raises the crucial question on how the FBI reviewed 650,000 emails in such a short period of time.

Well, this is up to the American people to decide as the election is just around the corner. Im not gonna go after the people whose totally ok about killing babies inside a woman’s womb also offering children in a satanic activities.This is why Alex Jones cried in his show the other day, “Offering babies to Satan?” oh boy thats the first time i saw him crying in his show.

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Anonymous No. 407 2016-11-08 : 11:11


Anonymous No. 408 2016-11-08 : 11:12

Hint: The FBI didnt review the emails.

Anonymous No. 409 2016-11-08 : 11:28

hillary is a cannibal and said she will eat comey if he didnt comply

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