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Hispanic YouTuber Changes Last Name To Trump Claiming He's President Trump's, Son

A Hispanic Texas man who's popular from his YouTube and LiveLeak videos had his name changed from Ernesto Baeza Acosta to Ernesto Trump.

Ernesto filed a District Court petition filed earlier this month to change his name, where Acosta wrote that, “I want to use my new name because it is more suitable for professional purposes.”

The 34-year-old E-Celebrity and Odessa, Texas resident was born in Houston, according to a court filing that lists his race as “Hispanic.”

Acosta paid a $272 filing fee to become the country’s newest Trump.

In his social media posts be boasts that both of his parents came to the United States illegally more than 40 years ago, and his mother who is not a fan of President Trump was upset about the name change. He did note that both of his parents now have green cards, however.

Ernesto Trump says he loves President Trump but due to being an unregistered voter he was unable to vote for then Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump in early November.

He has a YouTube channel with around 10k subscribers where he goes by the pseudonym “Big Ern” as well as a LiveLeak account in which he typically performs comedic stunts.

In apparent satire, he's now claiming he's the son of President Trump, asking his followers on all social media platforms to “please share so that my Dad can spend time with me”.

In the most recent video posted to his YouTube Channel “Ernesto Trump” he referred to himself as “the undeportable one” and “the president’s son.” He also said that he would like to spend some “father-son time” with the 45th president, adding that an invite to the White House for dinner would be nice.


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nena No. 4057 2017-06-22 : 05:14

I think this man is crazy. he just want an attention, he is just a lost soul. stay out of trump business , some one just put you up in this nonsense . shame on you.

Anonymous No. 4083 2017-06-22 : 13:37

We are all trump's children

Anonymous No. 4097 2017-06-22 : 18:55

Anonymous 6/22/2017 14:37:18 No. 4083

We are all trump's children

like fuck i am

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