By: Jaselle Jash | 11-08-2016 | News

Where Does Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Stand: The Poll Status On The Eve Of The Election?

The crucial question on who will win the coming election remains a mystery that will only be answered on Tuesday night. The race to the White House has intensified lately with both presidential candidates stepping up to the challenge that will see one of them head to the White House. However, it’s important to evaluate the status of the public opinion regarding the presidential election and what the implications of the same will be concerning the result of the presidential election. In a bid to fathom and have an idea of what will unfold in the presidential election, it’s important to understand and answer some crucial questions addressed below.

As the hour draws by, it’s important to answer a crucial question on what the polls say. The RealClearPolitics released a report on Monday that showed an uncertain lead by Hillary. The four-way national average includes the Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein; this is depicted by a 2.2 percentage and 1.8 percentage in the two-way average.

Another important question to ask is whether the presidential candidates have momentum. In the recent past around two weeks ago, the Democratic nominee had a lead in the national polls. However, the Republican nominee Donald Trump has also made progress thus overthrowing Hillary from the lead several times. This is an indicator of the intense race to the White House, the Democratic nominee has largely been boosted by the debates; all the while, Trump has had to deal with issues concerning the sexual allegations.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz of the Republican Party pointed out that if Hillary Clinton was really innocent in the case against her regarding her use of a private email server, then she and her party members should stop pleading the Fifth. Chaffetz made the statement in front of lawmakers after revealing the latest letter from Director James Comey of the FBI.

In the letter, which was released on Sunday, Comey stated that the FBI has not yet changed its conclusion on the investigation Clinton’s emails. This means that despite re-opening the case last month, the law enforcement agency has not yet found probable cause to indict the Democratic presidential nominee based on allegations that she mishandled the country’s confidential documents.

However, as noted by Chaffetz, who is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, if Clinton really believes that she’s not guilty, then she and her staff members should stop using the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating themselves.

“If she thinks she’s clean, then tell everybody around her to go ahead, stop pleading the Fifth, come to Congress, and tell us the truth because the closest people to Hillary Clinton, they keep pleading the Fifth,” he said according to The Hill.

As Chaffetz pointed out, even though the FBI has started a new line of investigations, the entire issue surrounding Clinton and her camp seems to be going nowhere because those who have been accused still refuse to tell the truth.

Ever since the FBI first looked into the matter, Clinton and her staff members have maintained that they did not store and handle classified documents using a private server. Since then, the presidential hopeful and Secretary of State has been criticized for jeopardizing the national security.

“Maybe it’s time they stop doing that and actually tell the truth to the American people,” Chaffetz said. They haven’t done that yet.”

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