By: Earnest Jones | 11-08-2016 | News
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Barrack Obama Supports The FBI Director James Comey: White House

In a statement made by President Barrack Obama on Monday, he re-emphasized that he is confident in James Comey’s ability to lead the FBI. This comes after James Comey has been subjected to immense pressure from the whole political realm as the FBI was handling the Democratic nominee’s email probe. The FBI Director James Comey has been under enormous critics over the way he has been handling Hillary Clinton’s email probe. President Barrack Obama has also emphasized that he believes that James Comey is a man of integrity and principle; this was reported by the White House spokesman Josh Earnest who was addressing reporters. Josh Earnest emphasized that president Barrack Obama’s view of James Comey was still the same and that it had barely changed. Josh Earnest said that the president still has confidence in the FBI Director.

This comes after the FBI Director released a statement that cleared Hillary Clinton off the charges on the use of private email account and email server to handle roles as the Secretary of State. The FBI directors statement has been met with numerous reactions from the political realm with the Republican nominee Donald Trump saying that this was a perfect example of how the rigged system was protecting the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The Republican Vice president also made a statement in which he said that the release of classified material is a crime and unacceptable.

President Barrack Obama’s statement raises a lot of questions from any individual who is politically conscious; considering the Republicans nominee’s statement that Hillary Clinton was being protected by the rigged system, there’s a likelihood that the FBI Director was being politically manipulated by the rigged system, this statement can be backed by the timely turn of events that have revolved in the last minutes to the presidential election.

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