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Queen Elizabeth II Speaks In Annual Parliamentary Opening Events

Prince Charles alongside his mother Queen Elizabeth II arrived to attend the state opening of Parliament on Wednesday in London. This year however the annual ceremony wasn't as lavish as it typically is.

Unlike previous events this year the Queen and the Crown Prince arrived via motorcade versus the ceremonial carriage and the Queen was not wearing the Crown or Robes of State.

This year's event would strike the serious nature of the current conditions in the UK into the hearts and minds of the masses who would watch.

The Royal Crown would sit beside the Queen unlike any annual event before in history, and the Queen would be wearing a business attired blue dress.

The event was directly intended to discuss and formalize the British legislative priorities for the new Parliamentary Session.

With such recent controversial events in the UK such as the unexpected election results, the ongoing Muslim invasion that results in multiple terror attacks the likes of which the nation has not seen, and most recently the deadly tower fire; the Queen's speech would offer solstice to those who were in attendance.

The Queen would put forth 27 new bill proposals in the speech, with Brexit being on top of the agenda referenced several times.

Queen Elizabeth II stated, “My Government will seek to maintain a deep and special partnership with European allies and to forge new trading relationships across the globe.”

As of now however the speech didn't mention how the UK would exit the EU but it indefinitely underscores that such actions will be taking place.

One traditional mention from the Queen's speeches is to note upcoming state visits from foreign leaders. This year however she did not mention the President of the United States which is a rare occurrence for the two allies to not seem close in working together to benefit the greater good of both people's in each nation.

A keynote which did receive attention in the Palace of Westminster was the fire at Grenfell Tower. The high-rise complex suffered a deadly blaze last week, in which hundreds of people were killed and still others were left without their homes.

Meanwhile at the home of the Prime Minister protesters gathered to march in what they called a "day of rage”. The demonstration against what is perceived to government inaction.

The Queen did however highlight a Conservative plan to launch a "full public inquiry into the tragic fire" in order to "ascertain the causes, and ensure that the appropriate lessons are learned.”

Theresa May herself followed up on the Queen's speech with one of her own, accepting responsibility for much of the Governmental failures.

"That was a failure of the state, local, and national, to help people when they needed it most," May said. "As prime minister I apologize for that failure, and as prime minister I've taken responsibility for doing what we can to put things right."

The undertones and proposals of the Queen's speech is now to head to a widespread debate between May, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and other lawmakers.

They will begin to argue their own points and hash out potential amendments and eventually vote on its agenda next week.


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